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Red Lips of Love Series

I am excited for February! Don't know why but it seems like a boost of something in the air. After winter been wintering...I know Spring is around the corner n I am looking forward to the weather breaking. In attempts to show another sense of commitment to myself, I decided to step out my comfort zone and wear a red lip all month **gasp** I know!

Red has always been my favorite color. I feel the most confident wearing red yet I am shy wearing the shade on my lips n tips!! Last year I shared my fear of the most fierce shade made in my post:

Power of Red

Although I felt like I was defying my mom, I actually felt like I crossed into a different realm of womanhood n every now n then I repeat the classic trend. All I know is, I love how it makes me feel as it can change ur entire appearance. Oh it's the little things that make such a difference.

So here we go...**takes deep breathe** venturing into a land of rarity. The funny thing is...I have a bunch of #RedLippies and know dmn well I won't wear em so NOW I will dip into my stash n give it a whirl. I'm prolly more so excited I'll be rediscovering my love for makeup n playing in all shades of red ranging from blue-red, orange-red (fave), dark red, pinky red...ya never know! EEEK!!! I'll do a post per lip to showcase the #LOTD cuz I think they deserve they own shine with fun tips n tricks! If you are partaking in red lips this month and have any suggestions for your favorite...let me know via the comments or IG posts.

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