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Read Between the Lines Couture

I get a lot of questions on my "How To" and "Go To" as it relates to my dress code. Figured I'd start dropping some looks here for a bit of Fashion Diary-esque. I fell off from my #WerkCouture days so I'll do better n revive it. My style is pretty interchangeable so the stuff I wear to work is the same as I'd wear on the weekends for the most part. This dress however...I would NOT wear to work lol because of the neckline.

This piece is from the Gabrielle Union Collection at NY&Co and's no longer available **whomp whomp** so I'm glad I was able to scoop it becuz it was quite popular. I got this in a size Large (sizing is tricky with her line) n it fits like a glove with a little wiggle room. I am wearing a full body undergarment becuz it's sorta sheer without it n I ain't showing my goodies...for free (jokiiiiiing)! My favorite part is the dramatic sleeve.

Whenever I wear black n white...I must have a POP of color and this clutch from Goldenbird Boutique just went with the flow. I always want my LEWK to tell a story; this one is giving a daily stroll through Martha's Vineyard. I wanted to maintain the simple-ness of the dress n no matter how much I may "downplay" an outfit, I'll always throw my Kisha-ness to the mix-hence the pop of color.

First of all...can we just pause for the cause n give some appreciation to the curve-uh-nation happening back there...Yowzers!! As someone who's always had a "spongebob" booty **eyeroll** I am loving how the rump is shaping nicely with age (and courtesy of my last hoorah-Toot, lol). Ok back to the regularly scheduled program...accessories DO matter:

Sunglasses: Timeless Tina's

Earrings: Tanginkia Vieira

Bracelet: Dannijo (NM)

When wearing black n white esp stripes, I love giving an accent of gold in the mix. The gold just elevates the look n makes it look rich. Now let's move down to the shoes...One dress, Two looks with the switch of kicks.

Becuz I play too much, I paired the dress with some polka dot Converse. It keeps the look fun n comfy. This would be my look if I'm out with my girls and the swap would be these:

Some sleek black kittens daaaarling. I have no qualms of of purring in kitten heels cuz I have nothing to prove! So yea black heels of whatever height ur comfy with completes this look. Notice how accessories again...matter n something as simple as a shoe change can switch up the look. If ever I was feeling funky, I'd also do a solid colorful shoe too (think Red or Kelly Green). It's all about balance. From brunch to date night in a snap...or click of the heel. This dress will be weekend wear that'll get worn over n over well into the Fall. I love how it fits n gives a peek a boo of shape without being a body con n I don't feel constricted cuz it's still loose enuff to move with u n not have u all stiff.

I totally had fun shooting in this look because it was lightweight n had me feeling grown. I am totally for embracing the way we age gracefully n do NOT wanna get mistaken for the younger generation. Yes...I don't crack but I definitely heard my knee snap harder than a Lil Jon song.

Up next...Lewk Numma Two cuz I was on a roll utilizing the cool n crisp morning for the holiday. Stay Tuned...


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