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Rant 'n' Mingle: Intro

So last weekend...I did a thing. I had the pleasure of attending a social mixer called Rant 'N' Mingle by Bolade Ola-Ojo n I must was pretty fun! Yall know I am a homebody-nonetheless, I had a really great time being out pass my bed time and kicking it with really great friends. I said...ooooh I'm really outchea being a socialite haha. The opportunity to co-host the event came from a young lady I met at a meetup months prior. We were just chatting it up and before we departed; exchanged info after I told her I'm a blogger. Never not promote urself n show up as ur best self at all times cuz ya never know who you'll bump into. Little did I know Chidera of Tek Remedy would be hitting me up cuz she thought of meeeeee to be a good fit for this event.

I had no clue what to expect. I will definitely say Chidera n her team kept us up to date leading up to the event n maintained professionalism throughout. I appreciate how detailed yet straight to the point the emails were too. I spoke to Bolade beforehand like hey...what do u need from ME n how can I be of service. He answered with showing up n being myself. Oh wooooord? Bet. That's easy...I can do that lol. Now I have more of a reason to do it-sure!

I wasn't quite sure how to approach the attire. I always consider the time of the event, location, envision the crowd, my mood n more importantly...what story do I wanna tell with my outfit. I wanted to go with some Cruella Couture:

This B/W flowy halter neck was picked becuz the color block design is always a good alter ego type affair. When I don't wanna wear ALL black, I opt for this!


I honestly forgot I had these (smh), I got em during the early pandemic from Nordies becuz anything polka dot gets me (Topshop)


Yall know I love quirky bags, this one is by Danielle Nicole

I looooove a good fascinator n even better when it's vintage! This one is from **click the fascinator title** which I had a great time shopping at. These head toppers are sure ways to zooosh up an outfit to the next level.

I didn't want this post to be hella long...I also am juggling being in the office more than not so trying to balance work n the pleasure of blogging seems to get defeated with time these days cuz I do need to sneak in resting my eyes haha. I will spill all the deets within the next post **cue evil laugh** but definitely wanted to let the beat build...

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