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Peek-A-Dots Couture

If u are new here...welcome! If ur a vintage follower than u know...I loooove me some polka dots! It's one of my favorite prints. It's fun n retro while allowing me to be Minnie Mouse lol. Whether white dots on black or reversed, it's a timeless print n I had fun putting this lewk together.

I titled the look "Peek A Dots" becuz although the dress in itself (by New York & Co) could easily be the main attraction, I wanted to simmer it down n make the main focus the boldness of the knit maxi cardigan (by Hanifa). I played off the peek-a-boo'ness n added the color block belt (also NY&Co) and accessories already in my stash.

This is a fun look to wear together or separately....hellooooo to wearing ur clothes more!! The Hanifa Cardigan's are classic (size down) n come in assorted colors (I also have magenta). I love playing with prints n also toning it down in a peek-a-boo type manor. It's like letting what's underneath give a wink ;) while the outerwear does the work!!

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