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Part Deux: Attitude

On the previous post, I gave some handy dandy tips on snapping pics n to seal the deal is ur overall attitude. U ever feel awkward or cheesy as u look to find a pose that'll show u off in a great light with angles (I should really be the hype man when yall take pics lol-just sayin)? U gonna need to adopt an alter ego until u are fully confident. I don't know about chall but I don't play about me! This mindset helps set the tone for the attitude I carry and translate in my pics-and life.

This is one of my favorite #Mood pics. I like to use this for my "do I look like..." type post because as I luxuriate in my pussy bow'd caftan; sippin crafted tea while the sun provides Vitamin D in the deluxe apartment in the sky-hi-hi. I relish in unrelatable posts made by humans who entertain me with horrid dating stories and chuckle-able memes and so if u glance back at this pic...Do I Look Like I accept anything less than? THAT is the attitude I dare n care to have. You should too!

The real flex is having the freedom to be urself. I don't care to pander nor cater to an audience. Just know u can't please em all. Yall heaux ain't loving urselves like u claim n it shows. Ur attitude reeks of defeat n scarcity mindsets. I don't know who yall social clubs be but they must be draining ur spirits. Who do u partner with for accountability? How do u stay on ur toes? You'd be doing urself a disservice to not have a me in ur life. This is the attitude u should be having as u enter the room. You need to do the work to maintain that bright light we see when ur around. There are too many moments to be grateful for to focus n woe is me on the things that aren't go ur way. Stop overthinking shyt n loosen TF up a tad.

We speak on our worth n value yet don't even know how to show up for ourselves in order to become a joy to others. Become oblivious (yet aware) to the foolishness around u becuz it serves u no purpose. Evaluate ur lifestyle with what ur taking in, who u hanging with n how u movin to determine where u wanna go. Loyalty to those who don't mean u well-for what. Stop looking for validation from such low hanging fruits becuz ur bored and giving attention to people n things which don't serve in ur best interest. Be kind to urself and you'll see an improvement in ur attitude which will translate what we see once we encounter u. Try it and report back!!

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