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How Does She Do It?

One thing I can recognize about myself is being a good time. Like no-I am a dmn good time. U would think I was an only child as much as I enjoy being to myself n spending alone time but it's my way of recharging n continuing to be a better me in order to serve you. I am a lot for myself so I can only imagine how yall take doses of me. I am NOT for everyone n I actually like it that way. I love it when folks fall off becuz it leaves me with strong quality people. Those who get me...get me! I don't have to further explain myself n the longer u know me, the more you'll learn to love me.

Them: Who takes ur pics?


Yup! I am a one man band. I grabbed a tripod from amazon n then I find a spot to set up n hit the self-timer (unless I have my remote). The early mornings are better for me with the morning sunshine hitting for a perfect glow before noon. Finding ur light is important. If I miss the morning times then I'll wait til after 4-ish; closer to sunset gives the same effects from the morning. Another question people ask me...what do u do with people around??

Before I answer this...the other part of the recipe to snapping ur greatness is ur attitude. Do I look like I care who sees me? Do I look like I care who's around? No! I don't. I honestly don't even notice people until they distract me as an obstruction so the best thing to do with an audience is to give them a shoooow hunty. It may feel uncomfortable at first becuz it's just different but I can set up shop anywhere n just go to town.

Styling is important. I did this shoot off a whim for my girl Jen who asked me to be apart of her style series. I tossed on something I knew that would make me feel gorgeous. This caftan is from B Fyne which I grabbed from Saks earlier in the summer. It's light n flows to allow u to feel nothing less of luxuriating. The key to a perfect pic is how u feel. Keep in mind the message u want to convey with leaving footprints. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I smize; either way, I find a good glide n rhythm n snap away. I can get lost in a solid two hours becuz once u knock the ice off, u can get comfy n start doing all kinds of random poses n GIVE MOVEMENT.

The hardest part will be choosing ur Top 5 which will turn into ur Top 10 n with so many options u won't know which one to kill em wit cuz the fabulosity just never ends daaaarling. So...How does she do it? Morning Sunshine + Tripod + iPhone w/self-timer + styling + ATTITUDE:

The attitude I've adopted will be PART DEUX in continuation of this post. It's the cherry on top to flame ur pics n to have overall in life. It didn't come easy for me tho and can actually take some years to craft into ur own which is what u see before u today. Challenge urself to get dressed up-JUST BECUZ-then scout a location (I also like parks n small towns) to prop ur phone up against (I also use walls or even my purse for angles) n snap awaaaaay!! Enjoy the moment, it's one of those dancing like nobody's around type feelings.

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