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November 01

And just like that...Hello November! I am convinced at this point...the older u get, the faster time goes. Growing up, I always felt like time was slower than frozen molasses to get to adulthood. As much as I love the holiday of Halloween, in my head I partake in the elaborate costumes. I love to see grown folks pause from being so serious n play dress up in celebration. The skeezy costumes of the played out sexy kitten n Officer Pat U Down dont impress me. I like it when chicks do the unexpected out of the box costumes.

I had a slow start for October. I had a somber episode in the earlier parts of the month n wanted to push through by any means necessary. There seems to be an eery-ness in the air between the state of the world n per usual...juggling life. PUSH THRU!!!! Now that we are in November, this is where we prep for holidays with loved ones. I am looking forward to cozy n cool days snuggled on the couch after my morning routine n binging good TV n making time to read during quiet time.

As a forward thinker, I'm mentally prepping for 2024 n meditating on what my theme (resolution) shall be. I have been proud of myself keeping up with pilates n evening walks but will need to curve that with sunset happening by 6p. One thing I do want to get better with is SLEEP!! I don't have a problem falling asleep but I don't have a consistent sleep pattern. I'd like to see the benefits of getting a FULL 8 hrs **as of the time of creating this post, it's 1100p n my alarm goes off at 0530a**

Speaking of what do ya know...TIME...we'll be greeted n blessed with an extra hour of sleep as we Fall Back with daylight savings time this weekend. What will u do with the "extra" hour in a day?

Happy November!!

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