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Nadine's Braiding Salon

It's been sweltering hot this Summer n my hair is in a weird schmedium space to where Imma need to start going bi-weekly as it's growing out. My schedule has been...well let's just life is subject to change n I was making last minute type appointments n I wanna get my life back on an actual schedule! With that being said...I knew I needed braids to get me thru to at least Sept n I mentioned this to my girl Weezy who put me on to a braiding spot in Bowie...Nadine's Braiding Salon.

I went down a rabbit hole n got mixed reviews from yall on FB n TT. Mind u SHE had not tried them n only heard about em so now iiiiiiii gotta be a guinea pig **eyeroll**I did research n had to sice myself up to go cuz I just wasn't sure so it took me a good pay period to be like...ok phk it n take the plunge!!

So let me quickly say...while being natural for over a decade, I've ONLY had my braided by Mushiya (based in ATL) who would do DC Tours where I'd get my Urban Twists. The experience was TOP NOTCH to where you'd get an intimate setting of about 4 other women to be serviced, a chef, wine n I'd be done in 4 hrs. When u have a taste of luxury it's quite hard to "accept less". With that being said...I had no expectations as I arrived to Nadine's.

They open at 0400, walk-in's only (although I'm sure if u find a good braider u could make an arrangement) and I set my alarm for 0415 n was only about 20 min away so I hit snooze. I arrived a little after 0500. The main spot was full n I headed over to the 2nd spot where 2-3 other laydeez was in the chair. I clearly got there at a sweet spot of a time. My girl Comfort did a quick consult asking what I wanted. I just kept it simple as a newbie. Gimme the Nadine Special-Medium Knotless Braids for $180 HAIR INCLUDED (waist or mid-back length). Becuz the hair near my kitchen is quite short yet grippable, it was an extra $20.

We got started at 0530 n by then my 2nd braider, Jewel stepped in to assist. I pretty much went to sleep w/AirPods in ear. I only woke up when they got towards the front n by then it was about 0700. They were done by 0730 n did a 30 min clean up n I was out the door by 0800 to head to work!!

My HONEST Review:

I was not looking for perfection. If u are particular with ur hair n how it's braided or the type of hair-stick to ur usual n pay the 5, Gina! The hair used was regular ooooh' synthetic hair n the ends were dipped in hot water n razor chopped uneven (which I like). I left the ends straight vs curly or wavy. The longer n thicker ur hair-add time! I was in out in 2 hrs flat becuz my hair is short n straight. They are sweatshop-ish n guess who ain't complaining? ME!! As someone who gets antsy after 3-4 hrs of sitting for braids, I can appreciate the extra hands. Now I can't vouch for nothing fancier than regular ol' box braids n not sure I'd chance anything pass what I got n I don't plan to keep em pass Sept. The shop where I was serviced was clean n had no stench-maybe becuz it was so early. My girls were professional n I loved they weren't chatty n let me sleep. Not sure what folks be expecting for $180 n it was a reprieve for my pockets becuz I've paid the 5 for my braids being natural. I will say...they DO need some come on now!! I know nobody will mention this but I appreciated some male presence in the building n nearby becuz in a space full of women...we need to be protected...right **cue sigh of relief**

Please note it's only been about a week I've had these. I can't tell what my hair will be looking like 6-8 wks from now lol. I am totally satisfied as a first time customer tho. Is it 5 star? No. Will I go back? Yes. DASSIT!!

Tik Tok Review--->here

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