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Miami nights

I am not a socialite but in my head...I'm on the scene! Partying it up, bottles flowing endlessly n mingling wit celebs all while playing coy wit the rappers thinking I'm goin to they afterparty...u know like those Hype William vids from the 90's when everyone was getting money n having a ball. Yea those days with no yawns happening cuz I am not gettin home until the sun rises. **pops daydreaming bubble** Instead I'm currently chillin in my lounge wear couture slowly sippin some Rozay n catching up on my DVR n being on the verge to re-binge #Pose. Yup! Hot Mama aight lol. That's ok though. This life I chose ain't for the faint of hearts nor those who can't sit still. Since I tend to play dress up every now n then, I figured I'd go with a theme: #MiamiNights for some #inspiredlooks

These pieces came together over time. Yall know I'm a tad of a collector **tee hee** The skirt is from Asos (on sale a few yrs ago), tank top fresh from Target and the standout which is the blazer comes from my favorite thrifter-Goldenbird Boutique! Funny cuz when she posted, I let it marinate and didn't think it would be there when I went back. I gave u heaux weeks to snag it n after weeks of pondering n seeing it teased, I said aight...this is meant for me! As a clutch whore, I got this from DSW in the clearance pile a while ago. The nail drip comes from Sharisse at Salon Couture ;)

Let me take a moment to give props to my photographer **cue hand clap** who did an amazing job with this session. I caught him at a good time where he was able to take a pause from the gaming world n let his fingers go towards snapping my pics instead of snapping a chat. Give it up for Mason yall **cue audience claps** If u too have a teen son, then you'd know the amount of energy it took to pry them away from a controller n a bowl of oodles n noodles to grab there attention for a certain amount of time. I had to make this quick lol.

The only time I'm in Miami is in passing aka connecting flights but I feel my time has passed to fully enjoy the city as I'd like-in my head. I enjoy living vicariously through the younger ones who partying the night away n prancing along the beaches in string bikinis but I am yawning before 10p, I've never been one for crowds annnnd I'm not really a drinker **WHOMP WHOMP** Yes, I am totally "boring" but my attire says differently. My dress code explains how I feel on the inside. It's one of the reasons why I always like color-it just makes me feel vibrant.

I had a dream about this outfit. I have been trying to get more comfy with mixing prints and this came out better than I had imagined. I envisioned Miami Nights nightlife with a hint of Cuban flare. If ever I'm able to stay up pass 10pm n visit the city, I'm sure I'd turn up n cha cha my life away. Yes, these heels are comfy too-becuz that's mandatory for my age! If you are scared to leap into the mixing of prints, just use this rule of thumb: Leopard goes with EVERYTHING!! It's like a great neutral.

I collect so much I forget I have them in my stash...the forgotten piece would be this gorgeous bag which I snagged on clearance from Nordstrom Rack years ago for I'm sure no more than $20! This is before the neon trend. I got it becuz it's just a shade I didn't have and it's a fun color. It's a cute crossbody saddle like bag for weekend runs. The shirt is thrifted from **whispers** the mens section I snatched from Rag-o-rama (my bestie in ATL enables me to partake) and jeans from Forever 21 and these lovely leopards are BCBG from #myDSW n it just tied the look together for me.

Now that I've came up wit some Miami Nights inspired looks...Imma be sure to keep em handy for when I return n do an extended stay to kick it wit my girl Trina so she can show me around n see what's cookin up in Trick Daddy's pot lol. The culture of the city and energy is inspiring and if I create anymore looks it'll be with less clothing AFTER a visit from Dr. Miami haha.

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1 Comment

Rick Flections
Rick Flections
Sep 17, 2020

I like, I like! DC Evenings in Autumn next?!

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