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Memorial Day Rewind

I hope everyone enjoyed the extended days off work granted by this Memorial Day Holiday. I was enthralled in the love of family n reflection all weekend n made it my business to live in the moment n not on the phone. It felt really good!!

My sister's visit kicked off my Friday. I had missed my window of missing traffic so stayed on my side n we had sisterly time at dinner. Of course I started my Saturday off with what I love best...Sip Trips!! Lately, my trips have been to my default of Starbucks but u can catch up to my coffee hops-here. A moment to self is needed when prepping for a fun filled weekend. I gotta get mentally centered to take on the day n it's like meditation in a cup when I can do what I love in snapping pics n sips. Becuz of the holiday, I sorta had a schedule but leave some room to be spontaneous n I ended up doin a solo lunch at the harbor cuz the weather was perfection!!

My favorite part was making my rounds with Toot in tow for my Sunday. He came along as my plus one for my coffee date n then he enjoyed himself moon bouncing for a kids party. Since we were close by, my stepdad was on the grill so we swung pass. That was our spontaneous moment of the day lol. It was my lucky day stumbling upon a reunion of siblings I hadn't seen in years. It was an emotional moment as we laughed n cried from stories of growing up n crazy times in the house. I like to use my 3rd day of the extended weekend to recoup n recharge in preparation for the week. Totally didn't redo my balcony as intended so that will be saved for the next pay period. It's my day to catch up on TV or being entranced in marathons of Twilight Zone, 227 or docs on Max, Hulu or Netflix.

While Summer doesn't officially start until June 21st, this holiday is definitely a pre-summer kickoff as schools prepare for summer breaks n vacations get secured. It's NOT my favorite season n if I could skip to Fall I would. What I am gonna enjoy despite the heat is grilled foods and crabs!!

How was yall Memorial Day Weekend? Ready for Summer? Let me know below.

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