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Meeting in The Laydeez Room

Happy SunYAY!!! As we are ending the holiday weekend and entering into a fresh week of November, I wanted to pop in to invite chall to a collaboration from my girl Jaimee from Fashion Mabe. While I am always nervous when yall plus one me for yall platforms, lol, I am totally up for the challenge! We kiki allllll the time n goosh on each others hidden talents in which we equally hide from the world haha....but as we say-DO IT SCARED right....

I definitely thank u ALL for silently n openly supporting me. Thank you ALL for the messages n calls along with the likes, comments n shares on anything with my name attached. The extra pushes n chats do not go unnoticed. I am still in awe n surprise when someone thinks that highly of me to want meeeeee to use my lil' ol' voice to share <3

If you are free...please join us at 1100a EST as we have a **cue Klymaxx** Meeting in the Ladies room :D and join us LIVE here----> Ladies Room

So what we girl chatting bout in the ladies room...a little bit of this n that of course. I'll give yall a quick sneak peek...

Favorite shopping spots and how Nordies became a lifestyle:

I have a variety of stores to shop. I love a good thrifting spot and whatever store that comes across my eyes that speak to my style. Nordies definitely has my heart. It became a lifestyle becuz it's a one stop shop for me where I always grab a lavender chai latte to look around n I'll even pause to sit down in the Nordies Cafe for a meal. I've made great relationships with the SA's by being a familiar face and get invites to events. Excellent customer service keeps me coming back n the versatility of different brands to fit the budget whether full price or on sale. I am no gatekeeper, lol, I'll always share my Nordy Finds here!!

Have you ever considered a capsule wardrobe?

I thought about capsules and I realize I am not in that era at this time in my life. I do plan to adopt being a minimalist as I downsize my life the closer I get to my 50's. For now, I am enjoying the means to splurge with the option to consciously spend as needed (or in my case mainly wants lol). I'm having too much fun showcasing my style personality playing in colors n prints. I am JY LIKE practicing with wearing black n white's at the moment so yes...we will revisit this question within the next 7-10 yrs (Gawd willing).

So there ya have it...join us as we continue to have the conversation on investment pieces n what I will n won't pay the 5 for Ginaaaaa becuz it's gonna be good. I'd love to hear ur thoughts on how u pick n choose what to invest in n how ur style reflects the YOU.

Join us LIVE here!!

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