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March Sadness

Grand open..grand closing! I started my March Madness off strong then got sick over the stretch of 2 wk. Yes back to back, Drake style lol. Totally thru me off n out of wack. I lost my groove n fell off from dropping balls every day.

Nonetheless, I am not gonna beat myself up becuz I wasn’t able to execute the plans for March. I am gonna utilize this time to regroup n learn to manage time becuz I’m not for workin harder. I have so much content in the tuck, I need to just keep droppin ‘‘em here! Debating on YouTube shorts buuuut y’all know I’m shy. I love the space I’ve carved here n not lookin for a viral moment. I appreciate the intimate numbers of my tribe- y’all are amazing.

Thank u for checkin on me after missing Sip Trips n my infamous Sat theme song lol, I’ve been missing doing them honestly. My OCD wont let me not complete this challenge tho soooo just know there WILL be a month where I post eryday. Just not this month lol.

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