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Maison Schiaparelli Inspired

My creative side loves abstract art and to find an artist or designer who can incorporate the expression of their vision in order for aliens like myself to wear is a win! What most people would tilt their head in confusion to becuz they tryin to figure out how n why it makes sense; I am the one with stars in my eyes bustling in amazement of such art of confusion. Enter Maison Schiaparelli into the chat.

Just a head up...this designer is NOT within any realms of the safe zone. If u are any way shape or form uncomfortable being noticeable-it's ok-he's not for u. There are certain people who can handle the attention wearing out of the box styles n confidence one must have in order to pull off these pieces.

While I totally admire Forty Three Yr Old self would NOT get these...beyond the factor of the heel height. I am about 20 yrs removed from wanting these in my collection yet I can still appreciate the electric style of these shoes n the cute detail of the bow. Even if there was a kitty version of these...the me NOW wouldn't becuz I'm in a practical area of life.

But what I CAN indulge in...the accessories ie sunglasses...earrings...bracelets of that nature. I have been dipping into designer earrings WITHIN my budget. Yall know it gotta make CENTS before I fully "Pay the 5 Gina" so I go for dupes to try em out n see if the cost per wear adds up.

During the time I was in search mode for the Jacquemus Croissant's (dupes in previous post), I came across some Schiaparelli-ISH joints n gave em a whirl via etsy. Now I'm sure u can find them on Aliexpress n nem (and wait for ur order to arrive in June) but I'm sharing where I found mines.

My only GRIPE on this eyeball trend is...where are the BROWN eyes O_o becuz I am a details person no matter how big or small...the devil's in the details!! Now for my order...the store is closed at the moment but I did find a great option to check out called Bijouxmarket. I also found another store along the same lines of the trend to peep called JenBurnsArt.

As much as I love quirky bags, I also like to express style in accessories. It's a "safe" way to play around with shapes n colors and a great start to inspire the outfit. Becuz these will do the talkin for me, my outfit will be simple: white top n jeans, black dress, stripe top n pants or if I wanna show off...I'll do a blazer, solid color top n camo! Who knows what I'll come up with but the brooch is the easiest way to dip ur toe in abstract couture.

How do u feel about the eyes on u trend, lol or even Schiaparelli's line? What looks would u create wit cho third eye? Let me know in the comments.

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