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Lisa Vicky: Piper Pointed Slingback

Nevermind I've served yall two different looks with ONE outfit ;) let's carry on...on today's episode of More Slingback's for That Azz, lol. I found a new brand after scrolling Nordies which I snatched up becuz they were so affordable.

These Lisa Vicky jonts (dmv slang lol) came in an array of colors. Unfortunately, I shared these a tad too late wit yall cuz they've dwindled down to like 4 shades. I am hoping they'll restock becuz for these to be under $100 is a win! I chose this shade becuz I envision my shoes being the statement when I transition my Werk Couture to a uniform of black n white. These fit perfectly into the future vision.

Lisa Vicky Piper Slingback ($100) are not too high to where it's uncomfortable. I didn't test em out long enuff to do over 4 hours n walk a mile or nothing so I can't attest to walking on pillows. These do have a cushioned footbed tho. Anything taller than kittens for me are meant to prance n practice around the office NOT long walks in the hallway!

I have a love/hate for the slingback tho. I typically like mine with the buckle to have the option of making it tighter n it also let's me play around in case the sizing off. I grabbed a 9 becuz they are pointy but could've totally went with 8.5. Luckily the sling of the back wasn't baggy which is where the hate comes in. It's more so love when it hugs my heel just right but I don't know how much I can trust it if I had to run in these.

Happy to have came across Lisa Vicky at Nordstrom (I wanna put an S on the end so bad lol) n look forward to checking out more from this line becuz they have contemporary styles for the office. I can appreciate how polished it makes an outfit with the suede touch yall know I am all about the point-Y.

Have u heard of Lisa V n are u down for a pop of color on ur feet to bring life to a basic outfit? Let me know in the comments.

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