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Life of Uh Former Fat Girl: 9 Yrs Post Op WLS

It's been a whole NINE YEARS since I took a trip to Mexico to cut up my stomach with a permanent procedure called the Gastric Sleeve Surgery (VSG) and I am no pioneer in the game at all. I do love seeing more people opt for the procedure n many peek into my DM's to ask me about it. I've never shy'd away from sharing my experience n after almost a whole azz decade, I am confident with more insight on it after going thru the ups n downs n being pregnant (a few times) after the weight-loss procedure.

Numerous body altering jobs get done these days in the name of beauty enhancements n once upon a time, it was dmn near taboo to go under the knife. While "back in my day" folks side eye'd me at the mere mention of getting surgery let alone outside of the US; today it's celebrated to the point where u drop ur doctors name in a caption while showing off ur new body. For me, I needed the sleeve becuz of my struggle with weight loss. While yes, I could've got a trainer and nutritionist to get on an exercise regimen n blah blah blah. I chose the route of going to Mexico to avoid the long process through insurance n trusted the doctor based on my girl's journey after using him as well.

Quick Tips for those thinkin or getting WLS:

Be Realistic:

  • Do NOT base ur results or what could be from someone else's. While I did follow my girl's journey I knew my experience wouldn't mirror hers so I had no expectation outside of the process. Ur outcome is based on ur own unique body n how it heals n more importantly the lifestyle changes YOU make thereafter.

Understand the risks:

  • Had I listened to everyone who tried to talk me out of it, I can assure u I would prolly be well over an unhealthy weight of 300+ by now. DO UR OWN RESEARCH n trust ur instincts. Whether u are in the states or not, there are risks goin under-period. I chose a well accredited n experienced surgeon in Tijuana who on the day of explained the risks n procedure. He was adamant on not doin more than 4 operations a day to maintain integrity of his practice n also to not overwhelm himself which I appreciated. No matter how much research u do, there are no guarantees...welcome to life.


  • I was there from Fri-Mon. The procedure was Fri with an overnight stay in the hospital to monitor n rest. I actually had a better experience with the nurses n cleanliness there than here n my drainage went well enuff to be removed earlier than expected. By Sunday I was recouping n resting in a recovery house with an aide nearby n Mon I was cleared to go home. My roommate, not so much! The Dr. recommended her to extend her stay to monitor her blood pressure n etc after inconclusive tests (she's fine now n only stayed an extra 2 days). I could've easily went back to work by Wed but I returned 2 wks after surgery-just becuz!

Pre-Op n Post Op Instructions:

  • I can't give no advice here becuz I followed nere nothing!! I know they say...liquid diet n **insert other directions I didn't follow** lol. I can't call it. I had pizza as my "last meal" that Thurs before surgery n when I got back I had soups n smoothies only cuz I had no appetite but by week 2...I was easing back into solids already n took it easy on greasy foods cuz I was scared. Oh and drinkin thru a straw...I did that lol. They tell u not to so u don't drink too fast so I practiced sips. U can get back to chugging after a month or so lol.

Things to note:

  • After surgery if u continue to overeat pass being full, ur stomach WILL expand. In forums you'll read people mention how their sleeve "stopped working" n doing pouch test by fasting or goin back to the pre-op/post-op diets to "re-adjust" their sleeve. What they fail to mention is the binging on junk foods n one too many happy hours.


  • This must be for yall new sleevers. I didn't experience nor read anyone else mention hair loss during my research a year prior to 2014 of getting my sleeve. I've only recently been getting this question from those getting sleeved this year. I am no Dr. Love but I don't see it happening unless u have underlined health issues and deficiencies. I took no medication outside of what they gave me in the hospital so I can't relate!

Pausing weight loss to gain

WLS and getting pregnant
Being Preggers After WLS

Weight Loss:

  • On average, u will lose between 80-100lbs in a year. After the surgery, you'll prolly lose about 16lbs in ur first month. I am no doctor...anything more than 20lbs in a month doesn't sound healthy to me only becuz ur body is settling after its been shocked from surgery. Now once ur healed n u get on an exercise regimen n clean eating...l can easily see dropping 20lbs in a month but let's be real's a whole lifestyle change so maintaining losing that much every month when u don't come from a consistent background of doin so...eeeeeh!!! Also, u WILL hit a plateau at some point no matter what u doin. My plateau was 200lbs for soooo long n it can be discouraging when u putting so much work in-it's normal.

Overall, I am excited for those who take the plunge. I've shared my early journey on my previous blog: Life of Uh Former Fat Girl series. I love hearing everyone's experience. I had intentions on getting a mommy makeover (tummy tuck n breast lift for $7500) after my Toot. Those dreams became a distant memory becuz I swung my focus on growing spiritually n mentally in other aspects of life that became more important than the physical. When I see these back rolls I still re-think it lol but at my honestly doesn't make or break me **shrugs** My inner work outshines my outer appearance making the physical a cherry on top. I'm taking pilates to re-ignite my like of working out (I'll never love) n incorporating a plant-based diet once a week while cutting back on meats (I am loyal to chicken).

So will I ever get back to 197? Yes. I know I am NOT getting back to nothing over 250 again!! Hellllll naaaaaah. I will never forget having a dressing room breakdown when the plus sizes were too big or having room in the waist after fastening the seat belt on the plane n being able to not get light headed n dizzy after racing Mason. The process is so much more than "just surgery". It's a full overhaul on changing urself n u shed more than just pounds ;) I can't believe it's been so!! Cheers to healthier lifestyles n enjoying food in moderation.

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