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Kensington Couture

Becuz I'm not stingy nor a gatekeeper **chuckles** I love sharing my finds n even better when they end up on sale. I am a fan of Kurt Geiger n his drench leather bags are top notch as it checks quality off the list n the style comes shortly after.

I have anything from the bag to shoes from this brand and I've yet to be disappointed. They fall in line with my style personality with vibrant colors n trendy yet classic. I can see these being just as hip years down the line n I love spacious bags.

Yall have seen this bag before. It was my intro into Kurt bags. I chased this thing DOWN. I ain't gonna fake...these bags come at hefty prices of about $300+ and depending on what time of month u catch me...hefty is subjective! My hack is...I put it in my wishlist n stalk for a sale. This green shade went on sale via Nordy Rack's site n I had Nordies price adjust. When the orange shade dropped I wasn't ready to splurge on the $345 investment **cue waiting game** I was actually nervous becuz its a summer shade n figured it would be sold out before it hit the clearance rack!

Wouldja LEWK at Gawd!!!! Soon as I got the alert my wishlist item was on sale, I couldn't pass it up. I knew dmn well it wasn't gonna last more than 24 hrs n I was correct. It's currently SOLD OUT at Nordies; however, I also found it at Dillard's. What u can do is...keep an eye out there for a sale as well. This bag isn't on Kurt's site :(

I'm not tryin to be an enabler buuuuut...this is worth the nable lol. While I do NOT reach for my green one often I chose to add the orange becuz these are bags that get it RIGHT with the color, style n leather durability. I have no regrets on these purchases but to get them BOTH at a sale price (green was 180 too) u definitely need these as staple pieces to dress up n down or wear a simple outfit n toss this on ur shoulders for the BAM!!! All Denim, All White, All Khaki (or anything neutral) or anything to compliment a printed dress n VOILA:

XXL Kensington Drench Leather Convertible Shoulder Bag
A Lewk On These Heaux

For some reason, when I do bags, I tend to do it big **shrugs** I don't know if it's cuz I'm use to totes or I like to randomly have the option to toss the kitchen sink in so this is the perfect size but I will say...if by chance this XXL is out, u can easily size down n get the same look. I am a lover of reds so this orange falls in line with my couture. If u are scared of color...just opt for the black! I'm not even a lover of black but I am strongly contemplating this style IN black becuz it looks so sleek in person n every time I see it I'm hypnotized to think of panther couture so...we shall see. I hope I've "influenced" u enuff to consider grabbing it or at least putting it on ur wishlist. Seeing it in person will truly sell u-trust me! Before I go...I'll leave u with some things to note as I've compared the two...

Noted in comparison n tips:

Green is circa a few pre-pandemic summers ago

**Keep the purse stuffings to maintain the shape when not in use**

I love the hardware n prefer the straps on the green one

Becuz the orange straps match the bag it doesn't limit ur metal tone accessories

The versatility of the straps leaves a lot of options how to carry

(I'm a dainty heaux so I carry under my arms as a clutch or let it hang)

Wearing as a crossbody seems too bulky n the size n color will overpower the look...but what do I u chile!!

My green one is softer in leather n the orange is sturdy (hence the structure)

I can't preach enuff about the space...I mean don't put a doggy bag in there but if by chance u want to sneak a cluster or 2 of crab legs...**looks around n whispers** the bag allows **whistles n walks away**

They both come with dust bags-I love it when my purchases come wit dust bags, I feel sophisticated n it forces me to take care of em (I know...I'm crazy)

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