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JW Anderson Chainlink Slingback Sandal

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

I am totally new to this designer shoe-ness! I absolutely hate paying full price for ANYTHING of any price range so how I shop, when I come across an unfamiliar brand, I drop it in the wishlist n do some research. JW Anderson came under my radar by randomly scrolling between Neiman's n Saks. After seeing these heels I added em to the wishlist n would go back in every so often to see if a sale hit. If ever I revisit an item in the wishlist vs forgetting its I know I really want it-this helps me from impulsively shopping! When my inbox was nudged by Saks to whisper a sale...I ran! But then I ended up coming across a sale of other styles that grabbed my attention...and then I became stumped.

The heels were no longer a NEED becuz with my job I walk too much so I figured these would be more practical. I also tend to glide more to the "cost per wear" formula with anything expensive these days. I pondered so hard on these...I wanted the white espadrille's but fought hard between the black n brown's cuz I knew I'd wear one of the 2 more even after summer. After many cart adds n deletes...sleeping on the decision again then taking the plunge when they went on sale-er...I made my decision:

Ta Daaaaaaa!!! I went with the Chainlink Leather Slingbacks in Black!! These will take me well into winter becuz I show my toes pretty much all year round. My style is tending to veer towards low-key as it relates to high end pieces becuz I'm going for Timeless Couture. Ready for a quick review...lets' go...

These were kinda tricky to determine the size. I am a US 8 (or 8.5) so when I do European cuts I typically do a 39 (or 40) so these threw me off being listed "Size 41 (8)". Like huh??? The espadrilles seems to be closer to true sizing but I still proceeded as listed n crossed my fingers they just wouldn't be hella big.

They do fit bigger but not fly off ur feet big. I can see why they sized em in such a manner...this big azz chain in the middle to take over ur foot lol. I do not have wide feet which makes it easy for me to slide in n out. I do wish it came with an adjustable ankle band yet my feet still feel secure (I just won't wear em on no rollercoasters lol). I've heard from someone with the popular mules (u can find tons of reviews on) saying they make noise-and they do!!

Becuz the chain is so gaudy n overtakes the shoe, the look to pull it together would be quite simple. You don't need to do too much becuz these sandals are the highlights that do the werk for u. If I could go back for the brown ones which were the runner ups...I wouldn't. I do not regret these buuuuut it's not a must for me becuz of the sizing. Make no mistake I am KEEPING them; it's just noted for future reference as a new brand for me. I am happy with choosing black becuz the gold accent will keep the look polished. I am gonna definitely wear these out so if u hear me squeaking n's me haha.

Are you familiar with JW Anderson? Have u blindly taken a chance on purchases esp not knowing the sizing? Whew...that was scary, let me know how it worked out (or not) for you.


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