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Jeffrey Campbell: Literature Pointed Toe Pump

Are we surprised the Slingback Slayer is back again **cue evil laugh** of course not. How cool is this contrast between loafer in pumps right. I am falling more in love with a subtle black n white combo n had these on the wishlist for a few months. These JC's will take u from 9 to 5 n beyond!!

These come in 3 shades n I went with "Black Box White" by default. I did order Size 8.5 becuz Jeff can run big n I've ordered from this brand enuff to gauge the size according to style. These will definitely polish a look n I'll be sure to keep yall updated when I toss these on with slacks n a black/white blouse.

As I was admiring these beauties...I took a closer look n felt a little DayJahVoo. I knew I seen these from somewhere...they remind me of something...I just can't think of what it is....

I have been on a rooooooll with these dupes eeeeh!! I remember I seen these last year n didn't think nothing of it given the **gulp** price. But these Miu Miu's come in the same shades but the difference is the detail of a penny in the loafer (which is so cute cuz I used to do that in elem to mine haha).

So how'd I do with this dupe? Anything pointy toe AND kitten is a seller for me. I haven't taken these babies for a spin just yet to attest to comfort but I'll be sure to update cha' when I do.

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