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Jeffrey Campbell: Jitterbug Cap Toe Mary Jane Pump

Updated: Jan 18

Normally, I'd keep my Nordies Finds a secret until I wore them with an outfit but who knows how long that could be so let me not deprive yall, lol. These can also go in the category of TREND ALERTS!!! Mary Jane's tend to come n go throughout the seasons but these are truly classics.

I snatched these becuz of the details. The color block heel would challenge me to coordinate the outfit which means I'd need to put more thought into it. The minor details make big splash's.

I also loved the jitterbug which is the "visual intrigue" to the dainty-ness of this classic style.

The overall style of the Mary Jane's allow u do to let the shoes do the #Werk so I already know what I'll wear with these:

  • Werk Couture:

  • Anything outside of work (casual):

Now yall KNOW the best part for me is the heel height. I'm not investing into anything more than 3 inches at my big age becuz I want to wear my finds more often than not. The block heel keeps u balanced and allows me to dress down n still be dressed up. The cap toe always reminds me of a Chanel. As a pointy toe gal, the boxy shape is why I'd keep it more casual than not. These JC's will allow u to be youthful n I'll be wearing these little darlings sooner than later...well...after the snow, lol.

What do u think about these J. Campbell finds at Nordstrom and what would u wear them with...I'm open for suggestions!!

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