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Interlude: How to Passionately Plan

Ooooh yall remember interludes on albums back in the day **closes eyes to reminisce** Some of our favorite artists had creative interludes. Mine was Faith Evans (I could be bias tho), Doggystyle, n Janet's to name a few. As we progressed interludes turned into "skits" in the early 2000's. Nonetheless, interludes were perfect teasers! Short, quick n to the point. Alas...this post. I wanted to piggyback from the previous post: A Passionate Planner where I shared my 2022 books to keep me organized for the year. I wanted to share some quick tips on How To Use Your Planners with a method to my madness.

Becuz I like to really dig in, I set the mood with a full production ONCE a week to review n update my planners. I need them to mirror each other as much as possible n I randomly jot down notes here n there or transfer info from post its to the book. Light a candle n get cozy! I like to use multi-colored pens n color code accordingly, for example, I might use red for budgets, pink for events, green for deposits n purple for TBD or reminders. I'll have a smooth jazz or RnB playlist lingering in the background n relax w/a drink. I typically "plan" in the am so more than's coffee but if its anything after NOON; I'm not above a glass of wine lol.

I typically plan 2 months in advance cuz my life is subject to change **hair flip** and this also allows me to budget accordingly. Since both have different features, I set deliberate time to maximize the use-hence making the moment a full production. Writing my daily or monthly tasks keeps me accountable. I know I am gonna "check my books" every day so I can glance at what is coming up or what I need to follow up n confirm. I have wishlists in here n ideas for gifts throughout.

Overall, this has become part of my #SelfCare routine n it's yielded great results in keeping me on schedule. It may take a while to build up to this "extreme" but per the title-this is a luxurious way to treat urself. It's been a calm to my storm n part of intentionally showing up for me.

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