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I Love U Four All Seasons

This year has came n gone faster than a female driving an Altima like its a hellcat. I have enjoyed all the fashion finds throughout the year so lets reflect back on some seasons past with trends that had all the heaux in a chokehold shall we...

Winter 2023: 

Top of the year which is my birthday month :D January kicks its off for erybody:

Winter Time had us professional yet playful. I know for my own Werk Couture I am in a professional setting so I do subtle ways to be exuberant whether its black n white with a POP of color or keeping it chic with perky accessories. 

Remember when McD's had the option to SUPERSIZE it hahaha wellllll clearly I had no problem partaking in the trend of oversizing. I actually prefer it to be honest but there is a balance to not look so frumpy n dumpy to where ur clothes aren't swallowing u up! Wide legs have NEVER gone out of style for me n an oversized blazer gives the illusion I didn't wake up snackin when I tuck a shirt in haha. 

Spring 2023:

I will hand to yall...when we see a trend hot off the presses we will hold on to it with alllll our might n them dmn platforms ANYTHING n infamous Bottega teardrops had ERYBODY mesmerized wit a kung fu grip tighter than a starving pitbull u hear me! Now my platform heel days are long gone so I skipped those but did "splurge" on the teardrops via Amazon and Khoi. I do think this will be a trend that carries over into 2024 as it's a classic staple piece. 

Summer 2023:

Let's be real...the summer belong'd to anything revolving around The Renaissance Tour which means HELLOOOOO METALLICS!! If you attended such as I did WITH a wristband **hair flip** or if not...then u seen a sea of silvers that would make the Tin Man himself Bow Down-Bytchez **pun intended** Queen Bee totally muted yall from the cargo's yall ran out to grab from Spring **tee hee**

Fall 2023:

My favorite fashion season of em alllll will forever be Fall. I love to see how we transition into slowly adding layers n lookin like sunsets with neutral shades n RED!! Anything Red n Orange makes me giddy for Fall before we go into the oxbloods. This is where I itch to wear sweater dresses but the temps be playin in our faces. Typically for this season we dust off the motojackets n go trench wild. I didn't see too much that varied off our typical Fall attires from previous years. Anything after daylight savings time...I be sleep-literally!! 

Please note this was a quick round up of the trendy year I partook in w/u guys! I didn't mention the swift trend of sheer tops n pastels (I am a warm toned kinda gal) n I have an honorary mention that I'll follow up with after this post becuz it deserves a standing ovation of acknowledgement on its own.

Can u guess the hottest trend of 2023?? What is ur toss in the hat for a trend that u indulged in this year? Drop the comments below. 

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