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Hello November

Well dmn...that was fast. October went by quicker than a debit charge!! Sheesh. I am still trying to get in the groove of being back in the office n flexing between working from home. Just when I think I've got a good handle on a balance-BAM!!! The weekend hits n throws me off depending on how social I am. Due to EVERYONE turning FORTY this year, October was filled with celebrations from my favorite party gals which reminded me...I can't do the stanky leg n think I can be coherent on Monday for work. Maaaaan partying takes at least 36 hrs to recoup!

First up was an East Coast-West Coast theme'd party. I love Halloween season. It's like a free pass for adults to pause being grown n not take life so serious. My inspo was N.W.A n narrowed down to MC Ren but I knew I needed a reason to break out my Eazy-E socks so Uh Yay-E-Yay-EEEeee here I am.

I will say...the times of parties for us OG's have been starting late enuff to take a nap yet ends early enuff to catch SNL. I can appreciate those times because traffic n parking can get tricky in DC. My patience ain't there to decipher trusting my basic reading skills with a public school education to read 5 signs on a pole; if it's safe to park while walkin away secretly calculating if I have enuff to cover a ticket and/or tow upon arriving back to my car-or not.

In the middle of partying with friends for Bad Boy Theme'd parties n Happy Hour baby was prepping for homecoming. I am still in awe of him being in high school n these events make it all too real. He wanted to wear all black but I mean...yall know who his mama is so I wasn't gonna let that happen. I acted as his stylist for the look to come together.

I know one electric bill should be low for the month of October. I was barely there. I will be sitting my azz down for the majority of November tho. I need to do another purge of the closet n looking fwd to relaxing on my balcony on crisp mornings to watch the sunrise with being wrapped up in a weighted blanket. Yall know I am not about that socialite life. It did feel really good to reunite with friends who I haven't seen in a long time and overall great energy from good peoples which is often needed to rejuvenate ourselves. The lack of sleep and recovery time was well worth it.

With a VIP event to enjoy a fashion show behind me, a commitment to do radio once a month and a host of shindigs that kept me busy, I ended October with brunch with friends. I love intimate settings playing catch up with girl talk. Time gets away from us having lives and tending to families, we gotta pause to tend to ourselves. Pouring into friendships n loving on each other is fulfilling and rejuvenating. Like wow, I really be around some phenomenal people and I can't help but to smile thinking of it. Hugs and cheers-getchu some!!

November will bring hibernation. Next week is a holiday and marks the middle of the month-already!! Mason will be a year older which means more responsibilities lol. He knows the drill haha. Thanxgiving...Black Friday...extended warranties and getting creative for Xmas gifts-Yaaaaay...the excitement (I wrote that in a sarcastic manner btw).

What chall got planned for the month? As we are almost at the finish line to New Yearssssss, have u made the mark to complete ur goals? Is ur envelope fully loaded with all those $1 a week saving challenges yall did, lol.

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