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Hello August

And just like that...July is gone! The remnants of fireworks bout done. Summer time is not playin no games n I must'll be bittersweet to see it leave. I've been enjoying the early sunrises around 5a n dark nights after 8p **flips coin** what I won't miss is the HEAT!! The humidity n high temps has me hibernate but it does make for good mid-day naps after that sun been beating on ya neck. What I didn't realize was I hadn't really been anywhere this summer. Just when u think u have time (and money)...

**cue life lifin**

...and the next thing u comes August strolling thru. I am satisfied I've done things within reason as far as venturing out yet I think it's safe to say...even with the rampage of now monkeypox; I can stand to push the envelope a tad bit more n vacay. I think what threw me off was going into the office more than not. I also truly enjoy how comfy n tranquil I've made my home to enjoy staycations inside but I'd be remiss to say...I need a change of scenery. This post isn't a summer round up lol, it's serving a gentle reminder that we have 4 months left in the year and pumpkin spice season is gonna peak out. It's a heads up Back to School is in effect n not to be alarmed when patio furniture is heavily on clearance to make room for Xmas decor to tease us.

I've totally slacked on my planning sessions **hangs head in shame** since like...May-ish. I do have 2 main planners so I quickly jot inside the one I carry in my everyday bag while using this one from Book'd as backup. It's time management I've been poor with all summer **le sigh** water under the bridge. This month my focus will be spending time wit my babies before school starts n forecasting the remainder of the year.

I can say I've accomplished boosting my content creating for July. After a hiatus in June, I've been on it...Werk Couture anyone...and I'd like to keep the momentum up as much as possible. I am now on Tik Tok **cue evil laugh** but I clearly need a 101 class on that one.

Any plans for August? Any loose ends u wanna tie up n get to enjoy before pools close? Squeezing in that last field trip or u anxiously awaiting Fall like meeee

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