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Happy Muva's Day

Cheers and Celebrations to the endless sacrifices we do to bring life into the world. My kids father's hate when I tell this story but...I almost diiiiiied. Not once but twice!! Yup...I had an emergency c-section and was put to sleep for Mason n with Toot...I almost died from the exhaustion of...well...he knows who he is. By the grace of gawd...I'm stiiiiiiiillllll here.

I hope yall have enjoyed this week's Muva's Day Edition as I've shared the joys of motherhood n the...well...other side we don't highlight much on. Hopefully this weekend is filled with love n gratitude as we celebrate many mom's and mom-like's becuz those who have been motherly do count. I know this is a time where the holiday can be a grim reminder for those who've lost moms, experienced loss of kids and....yea.

Take time to relax, relate n release....brrrreeeeve mama!! These travel tins from LeneNicole's are perfect to unwind in. The plan for me is an overnight stay somewhere n light these babies up after a spa treatment. I ordered a few from the Mother's Day Collection that will soothe the senses. Yall should know I am extreme fan of this brand (and owner) so do urself a favor n treat cho self. Take a break from trying to figure out what's for dinner or contemplating play Uber to these kids n let the hardest choice to make be what scent to add to cart.

Enjoy the weekend Laydeeeeez and Happy Mothers Day!!

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