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Gentle Gems

Another day...another interesting observation. You ever try to discipline kids n wonder why u find urself repeating urself? For the love of Ray J these kids don't listen until u raise ur voice in a more stern tone for them to straighten up. Well guess what...I ain't yellin n raising my blood pressure to correct nobody. I am not over exerting energies to whoop no azzez. I'm gonna try a more subtle approach n VOILA the idea was born:

Gentle Gems!! In only a way I know how to deliver...a gentle drop that can be referred back to later if ur not ready to receive these gems now. On the road less traveled to live the life of abundance; I understand I can't save everyone **cue Project Pat** and that is unfortunate. I am within the level of womanhood where I surround myself with solid circles that hold me accountable and I am open to receiving the message becuz I can attest it leads to blessings. Everyone has to have their own A-HA moment to get they shyt together within their life's journey. As an older sibling I've struggled with this "fall back" mode majority of my life. I see the train wrecks coming n I wanna push them out the way in attempts to save their life but they disregard my hand of salvation n take a chance on the train thinkin they'll be able to cross the tracks n avoid collision without harm. After so many attempts of offering the hand, I just put it back n my pockets n wait for the train to approach knowing the outcome. In the end, there's no need to have a "Told Ya So" reaction after they getting scraped off the ground. Just accompany them to the hospital as they heal from them wounds.

Wrote a song about to hear it...hear it go...

**you are now entering into the Library of Progress**

Some of u heaux need to channel messy energies where u love to thrive amongst chaos into a channel of elsewhere. There are many ways to be productive starting with self-improvement. This world of social media is dangerous n u have to learn to balance it in order to maintain ur own sanity.

There is a power in being discreet to where you'll be respected. There is a power in holding court in the land of MUTE which is underserved. There is a greater impact in silence when u implement growth on a higher level. Furthermore, when u are busy being productive in urself to add value to ur home (and anything under that umbrella) u won't be quick to fall into the leech pool of drama where foolishness swirls n keeps u operating on lower frequencies. When I find myself in lazy mode, I think; there's never not a need to sit around bored (unless I am truly resting for the day) I am a creator who LOVES to create. I also have an accountability partner who taps me on my shoulder to remind me to get back on my shyt. If I can dish it, I can take it n I am appreciative of those who hold me accountable. I can't be sitting here complaining bout being fat when I ain't doin shyt but twiddling my thumbs on FB/IG chuckling at chall. I can't be sitting around complaining bout not having a man when I'm on the couch wondering if Prince Charming gonna break into my house.

In so many words, I'm tryin to tell yall heaux to GET A LIFE!!!! Getting a phkn life n find something that brings you joy other than initiating n participating in drama. I know we love to say "I got time today" oh...u do? Dress size **KS voice** LOL!! This guy asked me what I do to stay in a positive n vibrant mood. I actually paused to think of it. Well...I enjoy sitting in silence on my balcony. I enjoy being a plant mom, I go for extended walks in the neighborhood, I love a good sunrise n overall I don't take IN nor associate with shyt that doesn't align in the direction of happiness. Now do I watch those Real Housewives n Love n Hip Hop's...absolutely!! But I know how to separate fax n fiction nor do I let it stick to where it seeps into my real life affairs. Experience is a good teacher, its takes someone like me to knoooow (Ode to Muva Miki).

Whether I am in serious mode or for play play, I am cognizant of what I post becuz I am my brand n walking billboard. Oh! And I have kids. Yall know I'm crazy already but I am also above the peasantry that I see amongst my timelines n restrain myself from what's associated with it becuz yall be doin some bamma shyt (dmv slang) n I can't rock wit it. On this train to elevation, there are some passengers that will get off before we reach the destination-that's cool. There's also passengers who've hopped off n meet up at later stops further up-that's cool too. Either way...this train don't stop n whoever's left once we reach that promise the Land of Abundance. You'll love it here cuz apparently its plenty of space to move about when the population of greatness is low these days. It's growing...slowly but surely! They'll get day just not on this ride.

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