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Fall Back

Welp...its that time of year again. Daylight savingsssss time where we fall back n get an hour of sleep. It gets dark early n 7pm feels like 10pm **yawn** my body seems to prep early for this time change becuz a week prior I just feel drained by 6pm. This is all apart of the motions for Fall that excite me. Time isn't the only thing that falls back around this time...I tend to do the same n hibernate.

Last year I revealed through my post on Seasonal Depression. It's like I get hyper empathetic n get all the feels that can range from gloom we get without having lost loved ones during the holiday season, loneliness from coming up short from "cuffin season" and random death notices that seem to come frequent cuz erybody ain't gonna make it into the New Year to celebrate with us. It's just so much that goes on, nonetheless, I don't let the lack of sun or somebody's son; keep me from leaning into a community to lift spirits by way of random lunch dates n brunch n keeping the commitment of my #SipTrips for local coffee.

This is a short season though becuz the days are running together and it'll be HAPPY NEW YEAR in no tiiiime. During hibernation, I indulge in the stillness n declutter the house. I enjoy binging shows n watching classic movies. I also reflect on the year n the blessings it has afforded me. I remain optimistic for the future n what a fresh year has to offer me. I love change n new beginnings n welcome these luxuries of sanity as we continue to navigate the ways of the world during the midst of inflation, recessions n price hikes on chicken! So for those who also feel like they have foggy days; ur not alone. Listen to ur body when it tells u to rest n sit in silence. This is not just a season for hibernation but also CLARITY.

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