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Enjoy Javy

As a new found coffee lover...well not really new buuuut fully embracing the love for coffee; I must say-it's addicting! I've pretty much worked my way up to having some form of coffee daily in the mornings. When Javy reached out to partner with lil' ol' meee; I couldn't say no!!

Full Disclaimer: I had a little helper aka production assistant during this shoot. Toot was the mini director (aka button pusher) and occasionally wanted to make peek-a-boo appearances to be apart of the job.

Javy is a coffee concentrate which makes it convenient for custom coffee at home. Becuz this coffee in a bottle is so easy to make, just know it'll make it's way in my travel bag. It's simple to make as u take a splash or two (or 1-2 tsps) n mix it w/milk or water. For my testing to do this review...I used eggnog (video on IG/Tik Tok) n it came out delish!! I tried it a few more times to make sure it wasn't a fluke, lol.

Javy is REAL COFFEE and a true #coffeehack becuz it gave me the boost I needed without giving me the jitters. The original coffee flavor didn't get in the way of my eggnog flavor. I am definitely gonna dip into the other flavors available n indulge during #SipTrips at home!

Now for the good part...if you've gotten this far-THANK YOU!! To show appreciation for u stopping by n making it to the end; there's a special gift juuuuust for you...

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