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Disco Couture

I am horrible about sharing on the whim...well...I mean I do share it but to plug in the extra deets n review-horrible!! Typically by the time u read's SOLD OUT! That's what I mean when I say I'm horrible with sharing. Yall know I am in Nordstrom bout every week. Whether I am perusing (window shopping), picking up an order or just there for the Nordstrom Cafe menu, yall know my infinity love I have for this department store.

Becuz a lot of times yall ask me where I shop, I'll make post on my fashion finds. I am spontaneous. I allow garments to find me. This particular dress from Farm Rio randomly caught me off guard. I love this brand for its quality n style of dresses. I've been collecting em for a few summers n majority of the times...I get em on sale.

I tried it on n let it fall on my body to where magic happened n I fell in love BUT I didn't wanna make a hasty decision at the time n left it behind. After a week or so later, I went back n it was waiting on me. I tried it on again to recreate the magic n it was still there so I knew it was meant to be. The maker or breaker for me is how I feel when I wear it n can I see myself wearing it more than a few times. I don't wait for special occasions to get dressed up.

My #SipTrip was the perfect Saturday to try this out. It's metallic design reminded me of a Disco era so I wanted to bring out the silver lines instead of emphasizing the black. I found a belt here n already had some shoes in the closet (classic slingback pumps). My quirky bag (vintage Betsy Johnson) kept the look-fun!

Note: This dress was suppose to come WITH a belt. Mines did NOT n even after exchanging, my replacement didn't either.

My initial dress was a size L which did fit but was tighter in the bust area. I only exchanged it for an XL after seeing it was avail n to see if it could come w/a belt. The sizes aren't too far off n still fell on my body just the same. The only difference was longer sleeves n more room in the bust-there's not much stretch in the dress itself. My favorite feature on this dress is the dramatic sleeves. The dress alone is MEH n to be honest, I don't miss the original belt becuz it's best to add ur own for shape. It's long enuff to where u can still show off ur shoes n versatile to go from dressy to casual. Don't let the shimmer scare u to think it's only meant to be dressed up!

To make it office appropriate or as I like to call it "Werk Couture" I'd swap out silver accessories for black to "tone it down".

Nevermind this dress is currently SOLD OUT on Nordies (U can find it on Farm Rio site but it's NOT at Nordies lowest price-I don't feel it's worth it paying higher than $180). The best part of this story is...while I did get it at $180, it went on even more of a sale (I call it sale-er lol) for $120 so YES...I am THAT GIRL who will stalk a sale even AFTER it's on sale to price adjust n match to save a coin!

So what do u think? What makes u take the plunge on a dress n how do u determine if it's worth the price? Let me know in the comments!!

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