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Cruella Couture: Color Blockin

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

As eclectic as my style is, anything dealing with #colorblock has my attention! It's a stylish version of having a split personality lol. I toss it in the category of Cruella Couture. Surprisingly, this blazer is one of those "one of a kind" type deal which is unfortunate for y'all **cue aaaaah** but maybe there is hope for u yet if she goes into production with more...

I've been ordering from Lady Mod for a while now. She puts a twist on #vintagefashion along with VIP (one of a kind) creations. This beauty was soooo slept on n awaited me to snatch it up. I've had it for a few months now anxiously awaiting this moment. Trust do this no justice.

Kurt Geiger crystal strap mules
Kurt Geiger Pink Suede Crystal Strap Mules

I've been sitting on these since last summer soooo yea...they sold out after being on sale ($70). The closest you'll get to this style is found here. They don't feel as tall as they look which means they are pretty comfy. I am a size 8 respectfully n got these in a size 40 (I always stick to this EU size especially for pointy toes). They paired perfectly well w/my blazer n u will for sure she me sashaying around in these again n again n agaaaain!!

Have u tried the color blocking trend? The easiest way to dip into it is the default comb of black/white. It goes well with anything but kick it up a notch n add some color. I am all for color and finding this blazer which merges two of my favorite colors was the PERFECT find. I can safely say...I ain't coming off this one so good luck on finding one **evil laugh**

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