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Camo Couture

Here we are for another #AmazonFind becuz I randomly scroll n toss in my wishlist until I'm ready to purchase after further reviews. One of the biggest factors in my shopping buys is to make sure I can wear the garment multiple times in different ways. Becuz I love using camo patterns to mix prints AND these are high-waisted palazzo style pants; I just kneeeew I couldn't go wrong with this. They are a HIT!!!

Now yall know sizing can be tricky when it comes to amazon shopping. To be on the safe side...I sized up TWICE!! I am typically a size 14 (or 16) n there's been times I'd order my size n it was too small for my thighs or too tight in the crotch area. I ordered these Camo Pants in a size 3XL.

These are tall girl friendly n give the perfect drag to sweep the floor without collecting leaves as u walk. U will look like ur gliding as these are light n flowy. If these were any smaller they'd give a peep show to the camel toe. Also, if ur wondering about the top--->here

Totally not being an enabler buuuuut yea...these pants are IT n even more IT becuz they come in different patterns n solid colors. Dress em up or down! I chose to dress down n wear em w/chucks since I was making errand runs. The camo pattern is so versatile n I love mixing patterns using it as a neutral. I got multiple looks from these ONE pair of pants so it's totally worth it for less than $25-Cha Ching!!!

Camo Couture Recap:

Prepare to be sick of me in these pants!! All 3 Leaks have been fun n got a lot of compliments; one stranger said I looked like a movie star haha....I'll take it. I also update my amazon storefront every so often so feel to browse n take a looky loo. I'm always excited to share what can benefit yall n gadgets to make life easier (i.e. the towel warmer...OMG).

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