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Beauty Haul:Sephora, Nordies & Ulta

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

I have been in the makeup loving game for a loooong time and fell all the way out of love from it years ago. There's nothing I don't need wit the stash I've accumulated so I admire from afar. At this point, I only get re-ups of my holy grails becuz I don't try much of the new stuff. In my recent trip to grab some goodies, I kept it short n simple. Here's my #BeautyHaul

Up first is my most expensive "splurge". One thing about me...I do NOT like spending more than $200 for perfume. I will rollerball n travel size my way through life of my favorite scents to avoid paying the 5 Gina! Every season I get a new perfume n I'm always most excited for spring time. I am a lover of florals and confession: I usually wear it all year round. When I first sniffed this at the counter I knew it had to be mine but not for over $200. I figured I'd enjoy it with a loophole.

I grabbed the body spray for $100 at Nordies and the travel size for $75 at Sephora (and used points to get $10 off) so I can layer the 2. This is my first time using the body spray n I mainly wanna see how long it last.

I used to be a Mac Whooooore!! Gawd I miss those days. My girls at the Nordies counter took care of me n I have VIP treatment when it came to limited edition (LE) releases. Mac was having a 25% off sale (totally unheard of back in the day) and I grabbed something for my brows:

brow pencil in brunette n the brow gel in taupe. I barely have brows but tossing on some gel gives it a little pizzazz. Does anybody remember the infamous #GirlBoy brow gel...omg that shyt was EVERYTHAAAANG!!! Ugh, the discontinuance of really good products is reminding me why I strayed away **eyeroll**

Where did I scroll to next...surprisingly...Ulta. I am not a fan of Ulta becuz I've been loyal to Sephora and I get overwhelmed in Ulta. Something just doesn't sit right in my shopping spirit when I can get drugstore brands near higher ends. I dabbled in here and ended up grabbing more than intended...eeeeh I'm not above goin back for pit stops in the future.

I can't seem to catch Urban Skin Rx as much as folks claim in Target and the one time I did a few yrs ago it was the even toner cleanser bar which I use for dark spots on the body. No main reason I got this other than to add it into my skin routine.

  • This is my introduction into The Ordinary and I wanted it to be this hydro acid to add it into my skincare as well to see what the hype is about. I meeeean at a well affordable price of a whopping $7, figure it can't hurt.

  • Kicking it back to brows, Anastasia is my holy grail for brows! I was introduced to this brand early on in my love for makeup and the brow wiz makes me feel like...well...a brow wiz lol. It's a skinny pencil that allows the tiniest of stroke like hairs and I pretty much have collected majority of colors (brunette is my default) For this haul I re-up'd on caramel which is my faaaave n I normally pair it w/auburn (red) becuz they blend gorgeously n tryin the brow gel in the same shade.

I've been putting this off for soooo long. Mainly becuz I slowed down wearing makeup but it stays in my wishlist. Laura Mercier is a great brand esp for the mature crowd. My sister who's a now celeb MUA (whoop whoop) swears by this. I've always used the regular translucent so I went with the same powder in Honey shade.

Whew...u still, ok for the grand finale...after all this makeup is slathered on..I need something to take it off and that's where this comes in....

I am a lover of cleansing balms. I usually use Farmacy and Eve Lom which last a long time. A little definitely goes a long way and it's a full spa experience taking makeup off. I always see Candice O' Beauty raving on it n grabbed the travel size ($14) to give it a whirl. They also have a rose version I'll snatch if I see it.

Welp!! Dassit...Das all. I always like seeing people's beauty hauls for the fun of it or to nudge me to also add to cart (or wishlist) to try and with Spring's arrival..they'll be plenty of makeovers so YES..try out some new shyt. The theme from my haul was focused on brows becuz with my short cut, my brows gotta be fleeky (is that not back yet lol). Let me know if any of these are things you've tried n gimme heads up on what to try.

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٢ تعليقان

Tamara P. Wells
Tamara P. Wells
١٨ مارس ٢٠٢١

So I’ve dabbled in black owned/woman owned beauty businesses. I love Urban Skin Rx. The Cleansing Bar was my first introduction to their products. I want to go deeper in their offerings. Also, I’ve tried Pat McGrath lip products. Can I say I’m in love with her packaging 😍! Her colors are bold and it feels really good on my lips.

kisha m
kisha m
١٨ مارس ٢٠٢١
الرد على

I'm interested in her other products as well. keep me posted on what u try! I am proud to see how Pat has been flourishing since she came in the game. I only have her lipsticks when she first came out.

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