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April Showers

Where for art thou Spring? Surely as April arrives so should Spring right? It's like Winter is lingering like patrons at a club let out n I am getting annoyed. Just when I was ready to put my sweaters and scarves up after being teased with 70 degrees; I dmn near wanna put my Xmas tree back up. Good thing the Easter Bunny got fur...

I have begun my lifelong journey of purging haha but with Spring here I definitely needed to initiate cleaning. About every 5 years our style should change or do an overhaul. As I'm getting older my style is slowing down to not stuffing myself into too small clothes and going for what FITS my body in the now. I tossed clothes that I gave up on fitting again whether they had tags or not. One thing bout me is...u gotta strike me while the iron is hot.

Not only am I looking to reset my closet, I need to reset my body! I've been resetting my mind with switching my algorithms up n removing the ingestion of bshyt n slowly but surely learning some French (which I listen to on repeat 30 min at a time) which has done wonders in maintaining a great attitude n outlook on life. When I wake up, I listen to smooth jazz as I get ready in the morning and my 90's R&B playlist as I do my floral arrangements n literally stop to smell the roses! In a recent post: The Art of Easy Living I leave some #LifeHax on ways to woosah when life seems to be stressful.

Shopping your grandma closet
Vintage Couture courtesy of My Grandma Closet (jacket)

This month I look forward to spending time with friends on the weekends and do what I dropped the ball on last month-fasting! I gotta do a solid 7 day fasting from SOMETHING becuz I feel like it does give some form of clarity when u exercise a discipline in fasting. I gotta really hone in on what direction I wanna take my blogging n steps to take n making it happen. I don't have writers block, it's really just taking the time to create I am struggling to juggle n also learning at the same time with these videos. I am aware I am not operating at my fully capacity as it relates to sharing my art with the masses n I need to figure out a way to EXECUTE. Too many times we talk ourselves out of doin by coming up wit a million excuses except for-just doing it.

So here I go taking a leap into April...I'm gonna build it as I fly.

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