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and on this day, 17 yrs ago

My sweet innocent angel came into the world while I was sleep. He didn't wanna come on his due date (Nov. 17) n for what seemed like forever in the end; he got tired of chillin in the womb n wanted to make a grand entrance. Sorry...I don't have an elaborate delivery story cuz I slept thru it. Thanx to an emergency c-section, I took a nap n woke up to a baby! When he opened his eyes, I just KNEW he was swapped but here we are SEVENTEEN years later n he stiiiiiiiill here.

If u have a teen son...u know this will be a short post with not much to post on becuz he lives in the shadows n lucky me...I have a pic to show proof of existence. In tradition of celebrating his birthday, I always serenade him singing Regina Belle's "If I Could" becuz its a perfect song to describe my love of watching him grow so Team No Coddle can let him go! He's such a good kid. Doesn't ask for much n makes me proud to walk amongst the world as Mason's Mom. Do we bicker like Chrisean n Blueface...yup n we also have our joaning sessions where I roast his azz n he attempts a comeback that of course never tops mine. I hope to see many more years of watching this young man grow into the life he works for as I foresee the best is yet to come. What I have learned in 17 yrs is how to gift the male species hence Bae Bags n creating time where we go out with phones down so I can catch up to his life happenings (as I cringe on the inside listening to his social life).

The joys of motherhood :D I am enjoying every minute of it becuz it seems to move so fast:

I am totally NOT cryin...nope *sniff* I just remind him of his greatness as he matures n prepares to enter the real world in a few years. Mason IS the reason why Team No Coddle was born *pun intended* and the greatest gift being a mom is watching the seeds we've been sowing come to fruition with rewards. He makes bein a mama look easy ;)

Happy Birthday with Seventeen Candles

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