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Yup! U read that correctly...ok well not exactly lol. No amazon drop-YET but I did manage to get out my own Amazon Storefront becuz I get a lot of inquiries on where I shop and I love sharing my quirky finds from there.

While I do blindly order n they're either hits or misses, u can click the pics for the hits n see the items listed. I also offer a section for "Bae Bags" in case ur stumped on what to get the man in ur life or for the man who has it all. My "wish list" is pretty much items I am gonna get around to day...someday!!

One of my favorite finds are my "sleeve cinchers" (is what I call them lol) but they are known as sleeve holders. A few years ago, a co-worker put me on with the military version of what they used as boot bands. I thought the concept was so good, I'd use it for my arms for a blouson effect n randomly looked up sleeve cuffs on amazon!! VOILA!! I use these to blouson bout every shirt n jacket I wear esp to show off arm candy. They are comfy on the arms no matter how high u go n not cutting off circulation. You NEED these-for sure!!

Once I try whatever's on my wish list it'll move to the photo section cuz I am a visual person n like honest reviews. Plus sizing can be tricky so I have no prob letting yall know my true size n comparing it to my amazon size. Tap in n let me know what u think...tag me if u just so happen to grab something n try it...esp if u like it (or not). Appreciate it :)

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