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Amazon Finds: Unicorn Couture

I typically buy things n don't share until I wear them but couldn't wait to share this one ASAP!! I also....had time today. You know how u go on Amazon n end up down a rabbit hole where u start off lookin at dresses and end up in the purse section??? Like how did I get here. That was how I found this bag n I thought...ooooh cute a crochet bag n for the price...u can't beat it.

When I ordered it, the description said "beige-white" and SURELY there's nothing of that shade on the bag iiiiiiii ordered but took a chance. Well errr uuuh...yea the warehouse (not the company) sent the wrong bag. Becuz I wanna give folks grace since I appreciate all workers who haven't been replaced by robots; I just had em send a replacement. HOORAY!! 2nd time was the charm. The pics honestly do it no justice. The beauty is gooooorgeous.

I meeeeaaaan are u following my Amazon Storefront or nah becuz I toss in random finds. A lot of things on there is a wishlist n if I try em n it's worth a share....I don't gatekeep lol. Back to this bag...note its NOT crochet'd with yarn but more like t-shirt material. The bag is hefty but not heavy n comes with a long strap inside to use along with a side tassel which I thought was a cute touch! I'm contemplating another shade as we speak but I gotta wait for it to be available again. I do think this should be stored in a dust bag to preserve it n I'm excited to give it a go this summer. More than likely I'll pair it with all denim; white top/jeans; all white or pretty much anything basic to keep the main focus on the bag. Just know u will see it in all its glory EVERY time I wear it.


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