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Amazon Finds: Dainty Bags

My newfound love is randomly finding the goods on Amazon. I get a lot of picks based on previous buys or casual encounters when my brain wonders which leads me to the search bar...down a rabbit hole I go. So what's in this haul? Dainty Bags!!

I am NOT a fan of the #MicroBag trend becuz I'm loyal to totes n I just haven't seen the point of them. Fortuitously, here comes this wittle laydee. Truth be told, I was initially going for the gold heart one...which...maybe sooner than later but I pondered on these mini's.

It was the pearl handle that sold me. Although it comes with a long crossbody chain, I like the idea of wearing one or the other. More than likely, I'll wear both chains (detachable). Perfect as an evening bag or daily wear. Speaking of the wear...let me warn u...this bag is strictly for show. Yes, the stunt of it all. It's a magnetic closure which would've worked so much better if it worked like a coin clasp at the top. While the stainless steel is durable, anything heavier than a plastic chapstick tube, ID n 2 nickels to rub together would have u busy with squats to pick em up as it falls out. So Dainty!!

I am a sucker for snake prints. What sold me was the barrel shape. I am trying new thaaaangs with this one. It has detachable straps to wear as a crossbody, shoulder or simply as a handbag with the chain strap.

As faux as the bag may still has a richness to it with the look and the gold hardware is. a cute touch. You'll be happy to know, u can fit more than contents of a micro bag in this one. This barrel would be perfect for weekend runs and the shade makes it neutral enuff to go with just about anything. There's a sister to this bag----->here and I will be coming for that one later. So Dainty!!

This beauty here came by way of a fellow blogger, Kim @workslayplay who found this belle. I love structured bags that have definition. The shape of this is out of the ordinary n gives a vintage look to any outfit.

This is a unique bag at a GREAT price point which makes it fun to play with when dressing up. It'll add a different dimension to an A line dress or casual look of a blouse n jeans or trousers. The straps do adjust to go longer if you wanna use it over the shoulder-I carry my bags by the top handle. The feet on these reminds me of vintage bags back in the day n the hardware of the closure is Art Deco!I have big plans for this shade n also anticipating grabbing it in black (on sale) as well. U really can't go wrong with any of the shades offered---->here. So Dainty!!

Of these 3 dainty beauties, it's hard to choose a fave. They each will make great additions to my stash n serve great purpose. Dainty Bag 1 to stunt on u heaux, even tho I'll definitely need pockets. Dainty Bag 2 for Errand Couture and Dainty Bag 3 when I wanna get professional on u n feel like an attorney on u heaux...I object yo honor, lol. If I had to pick one, I'd go with Dainty 2 becuz it's a casual bag to go from day to night n not over power ur look.

For more picks and inspo, feel free to browse my Amazon Storefront where you'll find an array of styles n goods to find ur personality.

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