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01 December 2023

Welp!! Here we are...the finale month of the year n the season of cheer. Also quick disclaimer...this pic is NOT a wig n I didn't grow my hair out this much-yet. Yall know I'm currently in braids until my bday but my icloud is so FULL and until I either A. buy more storage or B. delete....yall getting these recycled yet still relevant pics lol. I didn't want that to be an excuse as to why I ain't crank out a fresh post at the top of the month!!

I've been saying this every month all year long...time is moving FAST!! I feel like November had started n when I got out the tub it was time for Thanxgiving. Since Mason's bday is so close to the holiday, I wait until after we celebrate his life n THEN toss up Xmas decor. I do feel optimistic I'm not suffering from seasonal depression as much as previous years. What am I doing different? Staying busy pretty much. Between work, pilates, chasing Toot, Nordie runs, social media engagements, Sip Trips n shindigs with friends...I'm hanging in there.

I've been pushing thru becuz I have kids that need me n u can't be a grinch with a cheerful toddler. Also, spending time with loved ones isn't such a bad idea after all lol. I do plan to adopt my sister's intentional time method she does n make my rounds yet still manage time to self to recharge. Overall, I just feel like I'm in such a great space of peace n happiness that I get my fix with the joy of others n so I soak up the love. I am also LOVING pilates once a week so much I am gonna double up come next year.

So what are yall's plansssss for the month? We got 24 days until Christmas, 20 days until Winter, 30 days until the ball drops and patridge in a pear tree!! I plan to declutter n make room for blessings. Not just decluttering my closet! I also plan to take pockets of peace to sit in solace. Holidays are still very hard for me with periods of grief. Despite being "busy" it's important we still allow ourselves to feeeeeel so there will be a day of nothing. I wanna binge vintage Christmas movies-including Die Hard, lol and although Temptations starts the holiday spirit for some...EbNog's infamous eggnogs starts mine wit the spirits **pun intended** n I am feeling optimistic for whatever Gawd has in store for me.

Any 2024 Resolutions? Matching PJ's happening? What chall sitting on Santa's lap to ask for? Let me know in the comments below :D

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