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01 August

I have been enjoying my Summer Sabbatical with less time going down a rabbit hole on the phone n being present. I am over the heat wave...I can't stand to feel like I'm suffocating n I have an appreciation for outside workers. It's actually been a quiet summer on the Homefront. Are kids in camp? Is everyone back in the office? or did everyone take flight? The streets been JY LIKE on mute.

I have been getting in the groove of Tik Tok tho (somewhat) for practice (@daintylaydee) n been fully immersed in Caftans. These are slowly but surely overtaking my wardrobe essentials. It's been the perfect fit **pun intended** to combat the summer temps. It's light n airy n I love how it makes u look like ur gliding. Dress em up...Dress em down, toss on accessories n take it a notch up from basic.

This dress HERE has garnered a lot of attention when I wore it n I hadn't even left the neighborhood. It's definitely more vibrant in person.

Caftans + Heels= Resort Couture

I know when we get TOO comfy in MuuMuu's we drop the ball with tossing on flip flops but to elevate the look...sashaying in heels changes the whole look n u strut differently which adds flare to a simple garment gracing the bawdy ;)

So how's Summer moving along for yall...Is cuffing season still a thing? Does it start around football season? I be so confused n lost in my own bubble these days-hip me!

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