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Who's Down For a Lil Ron-Day-Voo

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

LOL!! I took French in HS in hopes of one day going to Paris. Imma get there one day **gazes off into the stars** so I "speak" French with how I see it n in my head (hence the title spelling). I am totally excited about this collab. Knowing these laydeez personally is the cherry on top! I have been a huge fan of Lene since I found her right before the pandemic. I was upset about a Palo Santo scent I had to return to Nordies. She reached out like oh...try my brand. Although I was skeptical becuz its truly hard finding a legit Palo Santo scent-I took the plunge was so impressed that she can't quit me. It's been such a pleasure seeing how much her company has grown n her line has expanded. She's a local DMV Honey n off our first meetup for my pick up I instantly fell in love with her spirit.

Jess is an around the way girl too. Although u might not catch the DC-ness until she lets it peak out lol, I could go on forever with introducing her to the masses. It's been a pleasure letting this cat out the bag as she's grown her platform from under 1k to well over 100k by consistently showing up for us. I remember EVERY morning she'd be the first in my Top 5 feed greeting us n showing off her OOTD before heading off to work at 0400a. YES!!! FOUR IN THE FREAKING MORNING!! She is exactly who she is online if ever u meet her in person. As a recipient of one of her luxury raffles...her first one might I add lol, she's not all about fashion but also finances n she shares her tips n tricks to balance n define ur own luxury.

It was only right for this dynamic duo to collab n I couldn't be more happy to share my review. Please know even tho I know them-know them...this is an honest review. They are open to any kinda feedback n will not cry off constructive criticism.

This is the biggest candle I've ordered from LeneNicole Candles. I typically get 2 wick n travel tins. Each order is professionally executed n u can smell ur order through the box. I ordered Jess's candle n some travel tins from the Mother's Day Collection. Without even lighting it, the first sniff I said...oh yea THIS is Jess lol. The packaging is unique n felt like I was suppose to be packing for Par-Ree (Paris) to test the French I can recall from HS lol.

The captivante scent of Rendezvous ($65) is giving ancienne (vintage) dame aux perles (lady with pearls) n femme de classe (woman of class). I say that becuz knowing Jess personally she brings an energy to where u feel to step ur shyt up not in get on her level kinda way but in an iron sharpens iron manner. For some reason, as much as I be wanting to curse when I'm around her, my throat shuts it off haha. This candle exudes doux et feminin (soft n feminine).

I keep this candle lit for 2-3 hrs at a time becuz it permeates so strongly u honestly don't have to go the full 4 hrs and it lingers after u snuff the candle out (u dare not blow em out or Lene will appear lol). I light candles first thing in the morning before my morning routine of tending to my plants, making coffee, taking in the crisp morning air on my balcony n giving thanks n gratitude for a fresh day on this side of the grass.

Cappuchinos and Consignments
MezUhMe (mes amie) is what she calls us

Wow, this pic is from her meetup right before shutdown in 2020 (here) where we met in person. Don't be scared to hop in the DM's yall lol, u never know the friendship that can be built from there. Rendezvous is literally Jess's esthetique (aesthetic) which is delicat et doux (delicate n sweet). I can't help to think this is what her closet smells like as she houses an array of vintage LV and Chanel bags or dresses from the hotdog stands lol. Do urself a favor n grab this candle while u can. When this gets too low to light, I will move it to the warmer to get every bit of use out of this one lol.

As described on LeneNicole's site, Rendezvous evokes luxury high end fragrance notes of lemon, pink pepper, neroli, rum, tobacco leaf, and vanilla bean. I am looking forward to prancing around the house in my caftan during a sunrise with smooth jazz tunes lingering in the background n I'd love for u to experience this n create ur own mood off what you think of Rendezvous becuz I'm no gatekeeper **chuckles**

Overall it's the customer service n quality of products using natural soy wax n no added dyes that makes me a return customer. I am a lover of creating a tranquil space within my home n these scents are nothing I can find in stores. From her room sprays to carpet deodorizers, u will truly fall in love. Definitely check LeneCandles out n be sure to follow them on social media; Jess on Cappuccinos n Consignment along with LeneNicole on IG.

Let me know in the comments if you've shopped with Lene or plan to place an order in celebration of this collab.

BawnJore MezzUhMeeeeeeze!!!

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