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Which Way Is Up

U know u grown when...u move strategically n ponder longer before making hasty decisions. I've been thinking more long term with aging and want to be deliberate in next steps as it relates to my future. Let's be real...these Baby Boomers will leave us no crumbs after they retire n so I've been curving my...ok not been but I will be....curving my spenditures to start prepping for my own retirement. I barely feel like going to work now (even from home) so I can only imagine how over it I'll really be anything after my 50's. The results of my today come from the habits of my yesterday.

Let's be generation is making twice as much as our parents did at this age. Thanx to the baby boomers we have greater opportunities and have actually changed the game to how we can be productive n run things quite efficiently. In an era where they took the long route, we have found short cuts to get to the answer. No our work ethic isn't as great as theirs but thanx to the advancement of technology n progression of the times...we produce results. One thing I don't want to ever do again is get complacent. I worked public safety for longer than I should've becuz I was content n chasing a dollar. I was unhappy n felt stagnant. When I find myself in a place to where I don't feel appreciated n complaining-it's time to roll because although I remain professional in the workplace, my quality of life is important. I am not attached to no seat at work, co-workers beyond friendships built outside of work and blessed with options to move around. Many people are afraid of taking leaps of faith due to the stages u hit before becoming lost: content, complacent and. lazy. I've seen it around me n refused to be that person.

I totally canNOT believe that come next month I'll be leaving 40 to add a one. It's been a whole azz year-sheesh!! It's like dmnnnn bytch grow TF up n be responsible but the streets (aka shopping n splurging) be calling me. I made a decision within my career recently where I turned down a higher advance for greater opportunity which will later lead to an even higher advance later. I tend to play the long game n so far so good. I chose a position which challenges my abilities and gives me growth to add to my resume. I'm also debating on getting certs in the cybersecurity field for additional value. Where my life is swaying these days, I don't know. I am honestly taking it one day at a time. It's just funny how I contemplate decisions longer n draw out different angles of possibilities to weigh the options. Life is coming at us fast guys...

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