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Weekend Wrap Up: Luxuries

Growing up I used to watch "Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous" where little ol' me could never relate to such a lifestyle of celebrities. Those types of shows grew into MTV's Cribs and other reality show docs to where I'm sitting on the couch fascinated by it all. I have no fairytale story of rags to riches here. No silver spoons scattered in the kitchen n definitely no "generational wealth" to live like #BlingEmpire (I love that show). To be honest, I've never been into designer shyt. I don't wear jewelry n although I enjoy watching the shows with mansions, it's never been my dream home. Contrary to popular belief, I am not high maintenance at all. As I grow older, my luxuries comes in a different form.

LV crafty collection
#OOTD Thrifted Jumpsuit, L'Artiste JIVE sandals n LV Crafty Collection bag INSIDE Dollhouse Vibes Boutique

On Sunday's me n my boys have family day. It's become pretty much a tradition n so last weekend, we were trying to figure out what to eat. Everyone had their own input on different places to go. I said WOW!! Look at how far we've come. Growing up, eating out was a privilege. As a family, there was only ONE place we'd pick to order out n **cue C Breezy** Look at us now...having the ability to not only eat out but OPTIONS of where to go without batting an eye at prices. Not just having options but making MULTIPLE stops to appease everyone's appetite...say whaaaat. That shyt NEVER happened in our household lol. We all had to vote on one spot n parents was quick to say...I aint stopping more than once. TAKE THAT CHILDHOOD TRAUMA!!! **hi karate kick n chop**

These are the luxuries I enjoy. We laugh in the moment but I really am grateful to enjoy these types of luxuries. Mason eats typical teen shyt that my stomach can't endure (I cringe at how much I enjoyed Popeyes wit a youthful stomach) so when I wanna eat's beyond fast food. I have no problem "paying the 5 Gina" becuz luxury isn't just material things. Luxury for me is easy living...convenience n basically just not making life harder than it has to be. Although my wknd rendezvous with #Starbucks can be costly, it's beyond the cost to me. It's for my mental. I can sit n enjoy a cup n enjoy alone time. If I have money for nothing's gonna be for my wknd SB runs.

Peace of mind will forever be my greatest luxury to ever own. The priceless moments of spending time with my family. While my visit to the "frat house" (lol I chuckle at naming my boys house) to sprinkle my love came with a surprise visit from my Sister-In-Love stopping pass. We shared some intimate stories amongst family, filled with laughs n cries that iiiiii needed to hear. Being as though I've been reflecting on my own mirror to clean, it was refreshing to have such wise words recited n my own thoughts said out loud from another being other than myself. Time well spent is what I look forward to these days. As an ex-fire dispatcher I gave up so much time with family that I can't get back. I am not gonna get preachy on time n stick to the subject at hand-Luxuries!! I love being able to afford the finer things in life; family moments to where one of the hardest decisions to make is where we gonna eat.

What are some of your luxuries? The type of luxury money can't buy? The kind of luxury u can't find in a designer store or boutique? Think on it n let me know...Have a great week :)

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