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Watermelon Couture

This look was featured in a previous Sip Trip last Oct. n it's been dangling in my closet ever since. If ur a person who doesn't wanna work hard to create a look...Sweater Dresses are for you! The vibrant shade is what caught my eyes cuz I mean...with a shocking shade of pink how can it not, lol. I just brought it to life with my own touches. The beauty of sweater dresses are u don't need to do much. I just tend to go the extra mile for dramatic flair.

I will apologize early...this dress is all the way SOLD OUT at Nordies. It was recently on sale a few wks ago for $65...ugh!! It also came in Cream. It's as cozy as it looks n emphasis on OVERSIZED. I got a size L n could've totally went with M. Definitely worth the full price n even better on sale.

Becuz the dress in itself is the SHOCKER, I chose accents n accessories to compliment the tone. Let the details do the talkin ;) While I had watermelons in mind for this lewk, hence the green earrings (from amazon last summer) I couldn't help but utilize my Flamingo Brooch (IG: @shopvintageboutique). My boots are from Nashville to bring it home. The scarf is old (ASOS) n I tossed that on cuz it was cold lol n just an added detail to go with the cafe's decor.

This dress is totally fun n will grab attention when u toss it on. The perfect weekend dress. Again, keep in mind with bright statement pieces, the dress alone does the majority of the work so u don't have to work hard so let the small details get some shine. Definitely do NOT wear for work...I repeat...NSFW lol. The neckline is too slouchy n sexy for the office place. Prolly why I haven't worn it since my Sip Trip cuz I like my outfits to be interchangeable lol. If I come across a similar sweater dress of this shade n style, I'll definitely let yall know sooner than later this time :7

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