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Train is approaching

Y'all...I am soooo excited!! I have revamped my blog-however...I've learned that my old blog won't convert over **cue horror scream** but no's all good because I'll keep it up for reference and move forward here!! I know we like to wait til shyt gets perfect before we toss it out but for what iiiiiii want....yea nah!! No better time than NOW! Although it's under construction, I will change n rearrange as I go-so there's that.

As y'all know these summer classes have been kicking my azz but it's coming to an end this week then I can come up for fresh air a tad n come out to play wit chall. I really appreciate all the encouraging words and motivation with keeping me on track to complete this BA...Wheeeew Class of 2021-thank u jeeeeeezuz!!!! So...subscribe to my email list to keep up wit these new drops-yall know I be random and I like to be spontaneous and send surprise gifts just becuz soooo ya never knoooooow ;)

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