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Trader Joe's Brazil Nuts n Nem

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

If it's one thing social media is good at is influencing and convincing u to believe u NEED whatever it is they promoting. They drum up all this hoopla n then u go scrounging for it becuz the fear of FOMO creeps in n if u miss out ur not amongst the cool crowd. Well I'm guessing Tik Tok is to blame for this Trader Joe's Brazil Nut craze n I've dabbled in the whole line n sacrificed my body's skin routine for the sake of this post.

I'm quite sure this is the actual scene of Trader Joe's across the country when u see other folks on ur TL discover the drop! This Brazil-ness only drops about twice a year for the summer. Last year, I was only able to get the scrub becuz folks seem to wanna hoard n over buy to resell a $6 jar for $20-100, crazy right. This year I was able to get my hands on the full collection to include the added newbies of the candle n body wash. I wanted the whole experience to see what the hype is about since @blackgirlsintraderjoes swears by this as a holy grail.

I will spare yall the ingredients n blah blah blah. I will also skip over the general info u can pretty much find via google n other reviews to seduce u with the "butter of divine-ness n this smells like a carribean dream when u flip the top" shyt.

In a nutshell **pun intended** this is dubbed to be the Bum Bum Cream dupe. I can totally agree with that. TJ's is a lighter n cheaper version of the cult classic Bum Bum. If u like caramel, vanilla n hints of pistachio u can't go wrong with either one. I've read some folks talk about this helps with cellulite due to an extract of an ingredient we can't even pronounce lol n I think that's taking it a tad far to sell us on!

Scrubs are my favorite part of shower routines. TJ's Brazil Scrub is finely crushed to where u get a gentle exfoliation n matching scent to the butter. I do have about 3 jars of this becuz I apply liberally n I can appreciate the oils that ooze from this too.

Random: the pic reminds me of cream of wheat lol

The body wash is new to the collection n I'm always in favor of a pump! The consistency is lightweight n the scent is there but it's not as strong as the scrubs n butters. If u are like me n love a lather...u gonna need more than just a few pumps to get u looking bubbly.

My Review:

As a body bathing con-uh-sewer, I had no expectations going into this giving the price point n needed to see if this lived up to the hype. For meeeeee....I will not be press to re-up nor fight anyone over this n I dmn sure ain't paying the 5 re-sellers doin (they wrong for that). Yes, the scent is giving "pack a bag for the beach" but what it ain't giving is..."let me tip the bellhop as he drags my bags to our exclusive VIP hotel room with the swim up feature" No M'aam!! Maybe I missed something or my body is just conditioned to natural products.

The body wash...meh!

The scrub was the star.

The butter was sub-par at best.

The candle is best used when the power goes out.

I love to have a full production when it comes to bathing cuz I take time with myself. The butter has like a film of some sort that sits on the skin n u gotta work too hard to rub it in vs it melting into the skin. I do not like working hard for my money **cue soft life** and it's not even about the price becuz I've had bath products from target with more moisturizing properties for under $15.

To claim it acts as a firming cream n reducing cellulite is laughable! If u believe that...please subscribe n donate to my crowd fund in support of an instant FUPA removal with 2 snaps n a circle with a nose wiggle from a genie.

Becuz I've tried both TJ's and Bum Bum, I can honestly suggest u pay the 5 n just go for the real thing becuz the scent will last longer n the butter is thicker n feels better applying. I don't like the sticky feeling of either of these tho! While the cost of gas is more than the refund of it alone, I'll make it work lol. Using it alone u will NOT be moisturized so I'll be adding a body oil/serum before the butter. I also think TF Bitter Peach would pair well w/this scent. This collection will definitely go in the heaux bag n not something of daily use. MMMmmmmMeh!! Yall can have this. I can foresee TJ's offering other summer scents in the future tho n we'll sice those up too lol. Sorry laydeez...I gotta bow out of this club. Yall enjoy yall synthetic sheen cuz it dmn sure ain't no glow lol.

Have yall tried this line? Let me know ur thoughts in the comments.

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