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The Melanin 360 Podcast

I had the pleasure of being a guest for The Melanin 360 Podcast!! EEEEK!! It was a grand ol' time to sit beside a host I admire and doin the dmn thaaaang in this communications field of radio. When Jorae called me to chit chat on her show, I wasn't gonna say no. When she told me the topic would be fashion...I definitely couldn't pass it up. The Underground Lab seems to have made me an honorary family member lol. They can't quit me n I love watching them grow into a solid team to include one of my baby daddy's.

This episode was a good laugh n kiki. Yall know I am shy n have stage fright on the mic-I am working on it; be patient with me. I appreciate yall for recognizing me in such a way to invite me on ur platforms as a plus one. The love doesn't go unnoticed when you share, DM, like and even mention my name in rooms when I'm absent. I love how yall love me :) The energy keeps me motivated n inspired to keep hitting yall wit more fiyah!!

Check me out here and all streaming platforms.

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