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The Golden Ticket for Beyonce's Tour

Well dmn...if ever u want feathers ruffled, excitement to anticipate, bank accounts emptied n chaos to ensue...mention an upcoming drop for a concert of THE Beyonce and u got a tit-ta-lay-ted timeline on ur socials that are sure to keep u entertained. The memes are forever my highlights but the main chatter was the cost to see the boss. This leads me to the subject of my post...what has Beyonce taught us...

Lawd Yeezus if ever the comment sections of post was in shambles it was definitely when Bey dropped the announcement of a world tour n then the dates. Ticketmaster already KNOW this will be bigger than any Taylor Swift-gate n the process to even GET a ticket has already turned me off (I signed up anyway). My max budget for concerts are $400 n while I don't count nobody else pockets, what YOU deem is "too much" is on ur lifestyle. It was hilarious seeing the made up ticket prices that soared WELL over my budget n knowing the exuberant prices aren't confirmed. The foot tap wait of WHO will get the golden ticket n WHERE the winner will see the show is nail biting like ur waiting on a lottery win.

What has the Renaissance frenzy taught us? Well eggs must not be so expensive after all, lol. Folks was acting like eggs was the new caviar a few weeks ago yet ready to dip into they kids college funds for a glimpse of The Queen. You can learn a thing or 2 from this n apply it to life in general...first n foremost...let's acknowledge how big the IMPACT Bey has. Anything she drops has us in a chokehold. She's a RISK TAKER. Like it or love it, she isn't afraid to take the chance. The legacy of her work is EMPOWERING. I remember folks felt some kind of way when she told us to Bow Down yet couldn't escape the reminder to be That Girl last summer. I'm here for the cocky tawk either way cuz I can relate **pops collar** If you've ever seen her in person or even a concert at home, that shyt is phenomenal. U can FEEL the work n know exactly why she can tawk her shyt. Whether ur a content creator, business owner or neither; we could all take a page to strive for the greatness she possesses. I love the MYSTERY of Muva Carter to where she pops out to shake the world as needed n goes back into her cave. In a world where everyone wants to be seen n heard or looking for clout, when u got substance n build ur community with the quality of ur work, it speaks for itself.

I hope everyone has fun n gets the golden tkt to the Renaissance Tour if they desire. It's a great experience to check off the bucket list n to share that with ur girls is even better. The camaraderie of concert goers is unmatched n shows the togetherness amongst strangers. And while we get it, not everyone is press to attend or can afford to sell a kidney to go-keep it respectful. This is the year of concerts fully returning after a covid hiatus. NOTHING is cheap n yes....u gotta pick n choose what artists u sacrificing brunch for. is such a luxury these days sheesh. Welp...good luck n see yall there **cue single ladies hand wave**

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