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The Gift of Blossoms: 2022

With each year of visiting the Cherry Blossoms, I've been able to strategize my planning but ultimately my plans mean nothing becuz they're based on how the weather operates. This year they came early n protocol for Vid was still in place but at this's bout "back to normal" or folks just like...phk it. After last year, I knew I would go alone or pretty much swap out my plus one for my tripod.

Welp! Due to how windy AND cold it plus one (tripod) struck out lol. I wasn't there as an early riser but was there early enuff to park a few blocks away. Typical crowds but enuff to still have personal space unevaded. As I gallivanted as much as I could stand against gusting winds...I was able to get some shots n even bumped into friendly tourists who offered to be my photographer. One in particular was a lady who came in for a wknd trip just to see the blossoms. She was a family woman who paused from being a nurse to visit DC. We chatted for almost an hour as she shared her upbringing from Nawlins n taking the leap to do her solo trip to visit the Nation's Capital.

The fulfillment of engaging with strangers was heartwarming to the point the winds paused n I was able to check year 4 off the books. U know it was cold cuz iiiiiii had a coat on haha. U can easily get lost in time out there so block off at least four hours between where u park to the actual walk around. U can tell how the cold winds was beating up the blossoms so its good to keep an eye out on the weather during the peak season.

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