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The Gift of Blossoms

This year marks the 5th Cherry-versary of my newfound tradition. As a Washingtonian, we do not take advantage of the beautiful landmarks and events that go on "down the street" from our home. Tourists flock here from near n far to get a glimpse of our beloved gift that's been blooming since 1912. After having Toot, I wanted to experience the big hoopla n took it upon myself to make the time n venture off one morning to enjoy it.

It was one of the greatest experiences n I've been hooked to go every year thereafter. Cherry Blossom Watch starts around Feb to predict when they'll be in full peak bloom. I keep an eye out n track it along with weather so I can carve out time to go. It's more than just a photo op! It's therapeutic n a joy to see as tourists come out in droves n stroll to enjoy the 3,000 cherry trees that surround the Tidal Basin, downtown DC. I do skip the events cuz I prefer to fully enjoy them with the least amount of crowds.

So to take it back to the beginning, this week I'll be dropping a daily post on revisiting the last 5 yrs of Cherry Blossoms. I've been getting better n better each year to catch em at the right time. Along the way I did experience some hiccups aka the year of lockdown, but even then...I pushed thru n sacrificed to keep the tradition alive.

Have u taken a visit downtown for the Cherry Blossoms? Whether it was a weekend getaway or staycation downtown, it's worth putting on the bucket list.

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