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The Case of the Overthinker

Ok yall...I'm back on my bully (as the kids say...or is that just NY'ers lol) and getting back into the swing of life. During my hiatus, I actually contemplated when I'd come back...if I'd come I'd come back n just said phk it...GET IN THE GAME!! I shoved myself to get back into what I love doin...creating n writing! For the gorgeous holiday Monday to celebrate Independence Day, I woke up to the alarm (I forgot to confirm w/Alexa to skip) n although I wanted to take advantage of NOT goin to work, my brain kept tapping me to get up n get productive.

I ignored this nudge for a solid 30 min but I just could not go back to sleep! The whisper just kept growing louder until I gave in around 0600a. It was just a jolt telling me to go out n take pics for my blog. Was I prepared? No! Did I know what I was gonna wear? No! Did I know where to go? No! This was totally on a whim. As I was doing the typical morning ritual, the idea just came together. I was set to do ONE outfit but before I left out the door, I grabbed a quick change. It was something I could toss on n keep it simple. Did I leave in full glam? Nope! These days it's mascara n brows n being extra is blush for me these days. I say all this to say...Stop Overthinking Shyt. Far too often we wait on the "right moment" and the "right time" n have these grandiose ideas of executing a full production of an idea before we roll it out. The thing is...we gotta start somewhere but the important part is starting!

Now for me...I love taking pics n I figure if I'm gonna go for coffee, I might as well kill 2 birds with one stone right lol. To the naked untrained eye...folks be thinking I have a full fledge photographer and well...I don't (I let Mason sleep in). It's just me, my tripod, a self-timer n my iPhone that's like 3 generations behind. I care not if there's an audience or not, I just want the shot. Just think...if not now then when? It's like when people hold on to that infamous dress or clothes for the "special occasion" n by the time that shyt rolls around u either can't fit it or the trend is older than a laminated Blockbuster card.

Overthinking doesn't plague me becuz I don't take myself too seriously yet I totally understand becuz it can seep into my own thoughts at times. I also suffer from procrastination so there's that as well. I allow the excuses of "not feeling like it" extend longer than it should n I owe it to myself to get over the hump n make it happen. When I brainstorm the idea alone, I cringe at the process:

  • The outfit

  • Location

  • Time (to include how long the drive to/from)

(also how long will it take to take pics...after all I am a ONE WOMAN BAND)

  • Accessories aka which coffee shop

  • Outfit change (if it applies...where u changing and how can u make sure ur shyt ain't crooked)

  • The crowd (I do appreciate those who step aside n pause to let u snap)

  • Pausing to review the shot: Ugh...I blinked...Ugh my bra strap showing...PHK my foot cut off...dmn it.

Now that the photoshoot is over...the fun begins :D

  • Reviewing pics

  • Edits

  • Social Media pics

The process can go from a half to full day n organizing how u wanna present it can get overwhelming. So again...I totally understand the overthinking of it all-I just don't want it to prevent u from sharing ur greatness with the world. I talk to pre-bloggers who want to get in the game but don't know how or bloggers who get stuck in a rut n don't know how to reignite the spark n I know part of it is the monster to compare. Work with what u have NOW n get it done. Give urself a deadline n stick to it. Although I'm talkin to yall...I'm also speaking to myself. There's an idea for a post I should've executed since Memorial Day **eyeroll to self** Creating this post alone after such a hiatus is an accomplishment in itself. I actually carved out the time n intentionally paused bshytn to do THIS! This is what I love, this is what I wanna share so why do I keep making excuses to deprive yall of these gifts? Overthinking...thinking too much n not doin enuff. My manager, Marci gets me to n gether ALL the time n I appreciate her staying on my azz. We all need someone to keep us accountable. What do u have to lose? Nothing!!

I am proud of conquering the overthinking bug that leeches on us at times. On a whim, I was able to snap 2 outfits, 3 pair of shoes, remembered to change my earrings out, enjoy coffee, Kiki'd via my IG stories, did a REEL (cuz I'm no Hype Williams lol) n tossed some captions on FB all before NOON. I will now do a follow up post to give some outfit deets n work on a 3rd post to drop this week-whoa-who am I haha. Whenever that burst of energy hits for u to create LISSSSSEEEEEEEEN. You will be glad u did cuz the real freedom n independence is letting go of fear!

Happy 4th of JuFLY yall XOXO


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