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The Art of Shhhh

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Back in my younger years, I would flex my independency n be mouthy. Mouthy becuz I was "grown" n set in my ways but also I've been on my own since my mama died n well...being a rebel wit a cause (which was really no cause) had me reckless. I did listen to my elders to a certain degree becuz I never wanted to seem like I had it all figured out. I'm always open for gem drops from old wise ones. Fast forward to tongue is still sharp but I'm not as quick to whip out no razors becuz I've learned the Art of Shhhhh.

There are times where I bow out gracefully for short periods of time on social media to be productive in other areas. Yall know it can be a rabbit hole at times. With such an overload of any n everything goin on in the world...I need stillness. I look forward to my random walks throughout the day to be one with my thoughts n process what the heck be goin on. I need time to think my moves over n not overthink em so I take a step back from chatter n influences for some balance. My communication classes been paying off lol. I'm enjoying listening more n speaking less. The less is actually more and one day I'll just be a ventriloquist lol. Ya knooooow....

We tend to have the need to be so right all the time n the hunger of getting the last word. It's truly not worth it. I am much better at just being observant n activating chill mode which results in less stress n drama. Some folks feeeeed off swirling in pools of chaos becuz they have no life. Look at em...peep their lifestyle. Pay attention to what n who they surround themselves with and pause to assess how and IF u should respond. The danger in reacting off emotions will have u going back n forth and depending on how mad u get; u say things ur unable to take back. The intent to hurt someone is childish but in the brawling game, ur fighting to win. At what cost tho? There are some hills not worth dying on. In the moment of the argument, we blurt out whatever comes to mind and we ain't thinking logically. Why...cuz being emotionally driven leaves ur tongue being uncontrollable! I'm at the point where I don't care enuff to give the energy for banter and as much as I looooove the satisfaction to flex my expertise-u can have it. I had to learn to put my dk up n step down from my masculine lol. That shyt is tiring sheesh!! I tossed the razor from my mouth (remember Tupac from Above the Rim lol) n swapped it for sweet serenades or MUTENESS.

U gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em. Know when to walk away.

Rise above! Learn how to kill em wit the shhhhh. As my girl Eb says "silence is sexy". There's no need for me to go back n forth with anybody becuz disengaging is the real win. U know how strong u gotta be to have soooo much to say n just walk away. The power of knowing when to STFU is a battle not many can overcome. It knocks dudes off their square to where they go into "beta" mode lol and it also makes women look combative. Do u really win or lose playin that game? Folks that got real shyt going on n productivity happening...ain't got tiiiime for the banter. Take a walk...put that energy elsewhere n enjoy the good life.

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